Top 7 texting apps and SMS apps for Android

Top 7 texting apps and SMS apps for Android
Top 7 texting apps and SMS apps for Android

How easy it is to text right through your daily commute or texting your loved ones something important during your scheduled assignments?

Well, text messaging has become an easy, quick and approachable way of communication. Since, unlike phone calls where you have to halt your work or pause for a little duration, texting is naturally easy and certainly streamlined without any botheration. Hence, it has become an easier and obvious mode of communication. The following post is based on the best texting apps and SMS apps for Android:-

Android Messages

Price: Free

When it comes to texting messages, Android apps Message certainly hits the list as it is a free texting app by Google and people are obviously inclined towards it due to the big name associated with it. So, if you want to text from your computer, you can do the same as well. The design is easy and user friendly as it consists of “Material Design” The app is light with feature. Here you can check few options of themes along with backup features. 

Chomp SMS

Free with in-app purchases

Chomp SMS has been traditionally present for a sizeable gap of time right through the presence of good old days of Android.  Considering such a huge time of its existence, it can be considered as one of the first and awesome third party texting apps. Well, like with any other app, the developers keep on updating it and have come of age with the adoption of Material Design. Along with the same, it still use host of features in the form of SMS blocking, emojis, MMS, group messaging etc. Amongst the very reason of how it has evolved over time, you also have the convenience of stopping a text mid-send based on your requirement. You can indulge with other different series of customization aspects. The app also has Android Wear and Pushbullet support. 

Mood Messenger

Free / $10.99 once 

If you consider the list of apps in terms of average, good or excellent, then Mood Messenger is certainly considered to be above average. Yes, it hosts loads of functions in terms of MMS, emoji, texting etc. If you are fed up of the Spam messages, then you can blacklist them as well. While for purchasing the premium version, you need to give $10.99 payment just once. The app has backup, themes, SMS encryption etc. Considering the issue of “Privacy” which is highly important, it also has “Privacy Locker” for safeguarding yourself further. Although, many term the premium version to be on a slightly pricey side, yet, it’s worth the feature, thanks to its overall experience which it is associated with. 

Pulse SMS

Free / $10.99 / $0.99 per month

Text messages become easier, quick and awesome, thanks to Pulse SMS which has carved a niche for itself, due to its uniqueness. Yes, it helps you to text from your PC or tablet with its back end. 

You can use dual-sim devices for texting. Additionally, it considers privacy to the highest level where you can blacklist phone number and create a message backup as well. So, that goes on to show its deep methodology. While it is free to text, but if you are looking to do the same through your PC or tablet, then you need to pay .99$ monthly or if you want to just pay one time, then there is a charge of $10.99

Facebook Messenger

Price: Free

Facebook Messenger may not be a good choice considering the extent of battery and storage it consumes. However, there is another side to it which is being a popular social media platform; you may already have an account over here. Yes, that’s the beauty of Facebook whose ever increasing base of users is the proof that people love it. Now, that your near and dear ones are also on the same platform like you, you can enable SMS support. Talking solely about Facebook messenger, it may not be the best choice, but when it comes to using Facebook for networking purpose, then you can use the “messenger part” as an additional mechanism of sending text messages to your loved ones. 

Handcent Next SMS

Quite like Chomp SMS, Handcent was also an old app with tons of features and has been around for a lot of time now. Yes, being a third part texting app available on Android, it is also a heavy texting app where tons of features can conveniently help you to send messages with added mechanism. Amongst the features are the themes along with the privacy box for storing private conversations, emojis, eCards, SMS backups etc.  Talking about features, how can I miss its “Handcent Anywhere” as through the same, it helps you to text either on computer or tablet, as per your desired preference. Although, you may find few issues concerning with bugs, yet other than that, it delivers pretty much in terms of the awesome features. 

Yaata SMS

Free with in-app purchases

YAATA SMS is another messaging app listed here with good chat along with complete MMS support. You can also schedule messages. The premium version has blacklisting feature along with auto-responder and auto-forwarding. You also have the convenience to take backup and on purchasing a new device, you can restore the setting.

Well, the above list will give you an idea of different apps available and how you can conveniently make your choice with perfection. 

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