Top 8 calendar apps for Android

calendar apps for Android
calendar apps for Android

How often do we use to mark the dates of the milk seller’s starting day on the calendar? Well, we do as calendars have traditionally been associated with remembering important events or family functions such as birthdays etc. Few of the first mobile apps have been calendars and datebooks.

They have just taken a digitalized form from calendars which used to play an important part and are still essaying the role of the same in various house-holds. Although, mostly these calendars apps have primarily targeted and are designed with datebooks with customization features.(read also : Top 10 Reddit apps for android )

However, having said that, there are various calendar apps for Android which are really good ones and they help you to be organized by remembering your important dates without any doubt. So, let’s now take a look at the following top 8 calendar apps for Android and enhance your productivity level by making your life more systematic, meaningful and of course an easy one as well. 



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Calendar.AI is designed with sophisticated algorithms and a platform to create an easy approach for you. Besides being an app, it offers state of the art and complete platform to give you an easy, effective, simple and organized life which you need professionally or personally. There is whole list of features in terms of smart scheduling etc where you remain at the top regarding the authenticity of the information coming your way so you are well aware about the different updates coming your way. (Read also : Top 10 Reddit apps for Android )

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Free / up to $5.99

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aCalendar arms you with detailed information in terms of notifications, reminders and date viewing etc. There is whole list of customization which you are also entitled for in terms of tasks, themes, Google Calendar support etc. Here, the developer does a noble task of giving 10% of the app revenue for preserving the rain forest. The app is free as well as having pro version and the recent update about the app says it has gone through a full redesign, so you will naturally be excited to witness it as well. 

Any. do Tasks and Calendar 

Free / $2.09-$2.99 per month (billed annually)

Get from Here offers another app which has a to-do list and calendar. You can view the larger version of the calendar with the detailed functionality which it offers thanks to the little tasks it offers. It also supports big social media sites in the form of Google, Facebook, Outlook calendars etc. This feature is quite a noteworthy one considering the catering of the widest possible genre of fans. There is a subscription associated with it. Well, that means, if you are looking for something cheap and cost effective, then this app may not be for you. The app is specially designed for people who are into highly productive mindset and knows the best way of taking advantage of the situation. 

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

Free / Up to $4.99

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DigiCal Calendar is another calendar app with in-depth design, themes, add-ons etc. It has TV schedules, sports calendars as well as 500,000 other events. You also get to know about the information relating with weather, calendar widgets, Exchange calendar, Google calendar etc. Even the free version has satisfactory features while the pro version certainly gives you an edge for sure. So, you know where’s your money is heading for. 

Google Calendar 


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When it comes to the top calendar app, then the name of Google Calendar will surely be in the list. There has been the direct integration of different calendar apps with it. It comes with awesome calendar add-ons, web interface etc. Also, as part of making it unique, refreshing and awesome, there has been periodical Google Updates done with new features, so the users are naturally satisfied with little more customization as well as utility features as well. 

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Price : $1.99

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Calendar Widget is another app and the way it integrated with Google Calendar only adds to the list of features and utilities as well. There is a clean user interface along with customizable widgets. The themes can be changed as per your desired option. So, basically with regards to the best calendar widgets app, it certainly scores ahead over others and that’s the beauty of this app, thanks to the features it has been associated with. 

Calendar Notify

Free / Up to $5.49

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Calendar Notify is a new entrant where there are series of customization tools give you power and features to accordingly play yourself. The user interface is clean. The premium version has more customization tools. There is the support of Android Calendars. The basics of the app is primarily done with lots of ease and there won’t be any issues but the best part of this app is how deep you are eligible for customization and the way users have an effective control over the calendars

Business Calendar 2

Free / Up to $6.99

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Business Calendar 2 is another one of the awesome calendar apps which works well with detailed customization features. There are whopping two dozen themes along with seven calendar widgets etc. It also supports Exchange Calendar along with Google Calendar and that’s the characteristic of how an awesome, useful and an ideal calendar should be. The app also helps you know the weather information. So, overall you have pretty sufficient information which is coming up through the app and you know that you are going to utilize it in the best possible manner as well. 

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