Top 8 email apps for Android to manage your inbox

Email has been quite an old mechanism which has also been professionally accepted forms of communication as well. Yes, the online world relies and depends on this method more due to its easy to go ahead interaction almost instantly. Although, the individual app offers the best outcome, yet many people have their specific email apps from different providers and they accept something which binds them all at one spot. Hence, this is where the following post also throws light on the 8 best email apps for Android:-

K-9 Mail


K-9 mail has been considered to be old email app. It is the unanimous choice of people since it has a cleaner interface along with unified inbox. Also, it supports POP3, IMAP, Exchange 2003/2007 accounts. Other than that, user interface isn’t that great, but other things which are worth mentioning are that it doesn’t consist of substandard features. The app has traditionally been associated and loved by one and all. It is an open source. It is free and lightweight. If you want, you can build a community via Github and contribute to the same. 

Blue Mail


Blue Mail is quite a renowned and popular email app. It supports wide list of clients in the form of Yahoo, Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, IMAP, POP3, Exchange clients etc. So, if any email reaches you, there will be a notification for all the specific and individual accounts of yours. It also has Android Wear support, dark theme, configurable menus etc. It is free and quite sophisticated.



Cleanfox offers quite great utility for email users. This app gives you an awesome reason to unsubscribe from various things which you may have subscribed before. All you have to do is to connect your email accounts to the app after searching all through where it is able to find the places where you have subscribed. Now, based on your needs, it unsubscribes you from there. Again, if you think that old emails are of no use for you, then you can delete from those subscriptions as well. Being a free app, it is easy to use where it benefits you by making your life simple and easy. 



Gmail is an app which is usually pre-installed with most of the Android devices. The app supports various accounts as well as inbox settings etc. It also supports various email services too in the form of Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, as well as Material Design, unified inbox etc. It naturally becomes the most obvious option for various people considering its association with Google. 


Free / $9.99-$14.99

Nine is another one of the email apps which creates enhanced security. There is neither server nor cloud features. As per the main purpose of the app that is to connect to your email services. It also has the support for Exchange ActiveSync. You also do have the option of selecting the type of folder you want to sync etc. Well, it is slightly on a pricey side. There are issues of bugs. So, if you are into business and needs to handle and operate lots of the clients and accordingly check apps, then this one offers the best possible option for you.

Newton Mail

Free trial / $49.99 per year

Newton Mail has the credit of being one of the best apps. It is clean and also has one of the awesome and cleanest user interfaces. The security features are enhanced to the core with two-factor authentication, email snoozing, option of emailing later and unsubscribing with just one click etc. In order to better integrate, there are other apps which you can equally connect as well. Now, if you are simply into basic sort of emailing facilities, then you may not need it, as considering the price tag which is associated with it. However, on the other hand, if you are a heavy user, then you may go with the same. 



ProtonMail is another awesome email related app for those who consider security in the highest standard. The app has end-to-end encryption. Hence, the mail can’t go anywhere else, thus adding to the security as your email is in the safe hands. There is also OpenPGP support etc. The app does storage of mails on server. However, since the server is encrypted, so it is not possible to read the same. For availing various features, you need ProtonMail account. 



SparkEmail is a new entrant and considering the early presence, it does have lots of basic features in the form of email snoozing, reminders, sending emails later etc. Also, what’s interesting about this app, you can also undo sent mail. User interface is clean and you are able to check on each and every single email addresses in a separate manner or if you want, you can do that in a box. It uses “Smart Inbox” that removes the trash email, so that what are left are only the clean and important features. 

Final thoughts

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Finally, aforesaid are the top 8 email apps for Android and you can choose the one based on your requirement. Yes, you can surely create an increase towards your productivity level and how you can manage different accounts with perfection in a hassle free manner. Yes, the aforesaid email app has been creating a valuable and opportunist moments for people who want to create a workforce which is systematic.

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