Top 8 music player apps for Android

Top 8 music player apps for Android
Top 8 music player apps for Android

The proper selection of music player apps will give you the time of convenience and soothing music while you listen to your favorite song. you can check other related topics like Top 9 video player apps for Android! and Top 9 best legal free movie apps and free TV show apps on Let’s now check on the top 8 music player apps for Android:-

jetAudio HD

Free / $3.99 + $2.99

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jetAudio is naturally liked and appreciated by Android users considering the extent of features which are way superior and better than others. Yes, they are simple as well which adds to its great utility. It has equalizer, bass boost, widgets along with MIDI playback. The paid version doesn’t have advertisements and additionally it has themes to work in your favor. However, there is a chance for you to use even the paid one for free, as you do subscription to Google Play Pass.



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When there is the name of Musicolet, then it means serious business. Yes, it consists of various prominent features which you normally don’t associate with a music player, and that shows additional features which have become a part of this music player app. It is lightweight along with having small APK size and importantly, an offline experience which is awesome to say the least. 

The app also comes with various queues, equalizer, support for embedded lyrics etc. It offers a truly blissful experience. In short, it is for those who look for a music player which plays the best of music and that’s end to it. There are in-app purchases, apart from that, it is completely free.



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AIMP offers a sophisticated music app which has the support of basic types of files in the form of MP3, MP4, FLAC etc. There are series of customization options which you can indulge yourself in. Thanks to its simple user-interface you can check the features with ease and listen as well. The awesome Material Design interface keeps it simple. Other things of great relevance lies in its HTTP live streaming, outstanding equalizer with normalization of volume. It is surely one step more, with regards to the basic ones. You can also check the desktop version too. 

BlackPlayer Ex


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BlackPlayer is an awesome music player which works on tab basis. Yes, here you can do the customization for using only those tabs which you need. Additionally, it comes with scrobbling, equalizer, widgets and themes. Also, it lends support for the most common used music files. It is simple and yet consist of hoards of features to give you Wow moment. You can try out the Pro version which is easier to pockets as well. There has been the last update of July 2019 where, the free version is no more and it is to be seen whether it will be available in the times to come or not. 

Neutron Player

Free Trial / $5.99

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Neutron Music Player lacks popularity, but its features are something which shouts at the way, it should have been massively popular. Yes, it has features in the form of 32/64 bit audio rendering engine which has its own independence. In other words, it is not dependent on the Android OS.

The basic idea of possessing this feature is that, it creates a more soothing and beautiful music.

Additionally, it comes with loads of features such as unique file types along with various audiophile specific features. If you are looking for something inexpensive, then it may not be the best option for you. Since, it is slightly pricey. Its user interface needs improvement as well. 

Poweramp Music Player


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Poweramp is another quite a friendly and obvious choice for various Android users. It offers themes which you can get from Google Play store and its sleek interface comes with its own benefits. It is quite awesome, fast and sophisticated. The app also consists of gapless playback along with crossfade. Apart from the same, it comes with awesome support of playlists. There are also tag editing and various other customization options for you. Basically, it has become quite a naturally inclined music player app for everyone as most people simply love it to their hearts. 


Free / Optional donation 

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Phonograph is an awesome open source music player app which is known for being lightweight and simple. It offers the easiest way for you to use it as well. Its Material Design user interface is another one of the traits which makes it useful for the masses. There are desired themes and you can preferably switch over to the one you want. There are other options in the form of integration, playlist features, tag editor etc and it is really simply to operate. It truly offers one kind of an experience where you can listen to music without any hindrance and that’s the best part. 

PlayerPro Music Player 

Free / $4.99

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Another app which should have got more popularity is none other than PlayerPro Music Player. Yes, it should have been known to masses, but certainly needs more exposure. Thanks to its awesome looking interface where operating things is easy. You have option to download and install and that can give you space to do more customization. 

There are equally other options with unique ten band equalizer, widgets, awesome audio effects, Android Auto and there are few fun features which make the app further more unique in several respects. You can get to know the app through the demo for free, but beyond that there is a price of $4.99 

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