Top 8 music players for Android

Top 8 music players for Android
Top 8 music players for Android

If food is necessary for the body, it is “music” which satisfies the soul. Yes, I am sure many of you may have been participants to musical shows held in your city and the kind of experience you get, can’t be expressed in mere words. Yes, that’s the power of music and the following post gives you the option of attaining awesome, breath-taking and highly captivating list of music players for Android which will do wonders for you. So, let’s check them below:-


Price: Free

AIMP certainly raises the bar with its best music player app by serving the needs of music in a more professional and authentic manner. Thanks to its HTTP live streaming, outstanding equalizer as well as volume normalization. It supports file types such as FLAC, MP4, MP3 etc; you can create different customizations and themes to create a fun part for yourself. So, involve yourself with some funny activities while listening to soothing music as well. 

Puslar Music Player

Price: Free / $1.99

Pulsar is another music player app with host of features in the form of smart playlists, tag editing, material design, sleep time etc. The features get more useful thanks to the Chromecast support along with the best Android Auto support which is a noteworthy characteristic of the app. It offers quite a beneficial option for those who are looking for a light app. You also have an option of Pro version with more enhanced features. 

BlackPlayer Ex

Price $3.29

Thanks to BlackPlayer, it is an awesome music player to give you quite a delightful time of your life with soothing music. Yes, since it works as per the structure of tab, so you can keep the ones that you really want. It helps you to achieve support for your requirements and has widgets, equalizer etc. 

JetAudio HD

Price: Free / $3.99 + $2.99

JetAudio knows the importance of quality music and that’s the reason why it has features which take a lead over others. For example, you have plug-in to adjust the audio enhancements and also has equalizer. Additionally, it has bass boost, widgets, tag editor and MIDI playback. You may note lots of advertisements in the free version, but there is no such thing to be found in the paid version. While additionally, you also get the option of adding themes as well. 


Price: Free / $2.49

MediaMonkey may not be too of a popular music player app, but when it comes to features it has certainly achieved big. Yes, it has loads of utilities including organizational features where prime focus has been done and achieved by audio books, podcasts etc. Similarly, it helps you to sort different songs with the help of composer. The quality of music gets further boost with equalizer. Another noteworthy feature is that you can sync your computer’s music library with that of your phone where you just need Wi-Fi for the purpose. Although, initially few of you may find it to be a bit complicated while setting the whole thing up, yet when it gets completed, then you will realize what you have achieved. 


Price: Free

If you are looking for an app which means serious business, then Musicolet offers the perfect option for you. Yes, it comprise of host of features that you will find quite an addition to the already ones present here. In short, it has additional features as a music player app. One of them stands out to be a truly offline experience along with being lightweight UI as well as APK size. 

Apart from the same, there are other features where you will literally pat on your back for getting them. For example, it has multiple queues which you normally don’t find with other music apps. Other than that, it has equalizer, widgets, tag editor, folder browsing etc. In short, it has all the features which are worth being used with a serious approach. Yes, the developers of the apps know that their target users have high expectations from them. So, if you are just looking for a music player purely for music, then look no further. You get it for free as you won’t be directed towards purchasing any app as well. There are no advertisements as there is no internet access. 

Neutron Player

Price: Free trial / $5.99

I do wonder why Neutron Music Player hasn’t achieved as much of popularity as it should have. However, having said the same, it has noteworthy features to give you loads of quality music. Thanks to its 32/64-bit audio rendering engine it basically means, that it adds to the soothing of sound. It also comes with great features that are well supported by various file types. However, it can be regarded to be a bit pricey and if you have high expectations with UI, then you may have to contend with less. 

Poweramp Music Player

Price: Free trial / $4.99

Poweramp is another music app for Android which offers great support for literally any audio codec you can possibly find online along with equalizer, Android Auto etc. It supports various devices and I am mentioning a couple of them such as Quad DAC and LG V60. You have option of themes available in Google Play Store which you can use for yourself as well. So, talking about awesome music player apps, this one certainly deserves to be in the list for the obvious reasons mentioned above.

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