Top 9 news apps for Android

The online world has given us a new perspective  to how we view news. We literally have whole sea of channels to drive authentic and reliable news. After all, there is no dearth of sites which give us updated, reliable and authentic information where we remain ahead by arming ourselves in the process as well. Let’s now take a look at the following top 9 news apps for Android where finding the reliable news isn’t a hard task anymore:-



Inoreader is a news app which you can customize based on the needs of yours. There are 28 pre-made topics ready for you especially if you don’t want to do homework by finding their relevant sources.

The app has got the offline support along with an awesome selection of topics waiting for you. It tracks each and every bit of thing which you read.  In short, if you don’t want to work your way in setting things up like your feed, this is a good app waiting for you and it is free of charge. 

Microsoft News


Microsoft News is another decent app. It works similar to other ones. Like you have made selection of topics and you receive a feed with news and it is done by Microsoft employees. You can save articles and you get whole list of informative left and right leaning news sites. So, in short it is able to provide a bunch of updated and authentic news like the way you want for yourself. 

AP News


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AP News is an awesome, informative and updated news app for Android. There are wide range of source where it gathers news both locally and worldwide. The user interface is clean and there are different topic related news such as travel, politics, sports, technology etc. Although, it may not be considered to be the best when it comes to delivering “Politics” related news, yet it is still better than the most. Although, the app is free, yet it makes use of loads of ads which may be problematic for few, but other than that, everything seems to be up and fine. 


Free / $9.99 monthly 

Feedly is another news app which is an RSS reader. You can get news from different sources and sites. The main objective is to create a specific goal which you feel trusted. It is integrated with Facebook, IFTTT, OneNote, Evernote, LinkedIn etc. The news can be a part of your feed right on your mobile phone or computer. There are whopping 40 million feeds which are there.



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Flipboard is another entrant delivering popular news. It is up to you to create custom feed keeping in line with your favorite news sources, sites etc. Flipboard is slightly more flashy than feedly. There are animations, images and UI that literally creates an impression for oneself that it is more like a digital magazine. It is quite decent and free. 


Free / $4.99 monthly / $44.99 annually 

Another news app is namely Pocket which shows the content which you happen to come across your day. In all probability, you do come across whole list of news on Facebook, Twitter or through chats, that is practically impossible to read, so you can read there. Yes, the method is to stuff that into pocket and then read later as per your desired time. It comes with offline support as it offers an awesome reading experience. There is unlimited storage associated with it along with the tag system to make you organized. Another feature is regarding the text to speech which help you to read the article with ease etc. 

Podcast Addict


Podcast Addict offers a complete solution for news app. There are whopping 450,000 podcast collection and based on your preference you can do the subscription to different news sources. The app has the support of podcast playlists, Chromecast support, YouTube channels etc.


Free / $3.99 monthly / $29.99 annually 

Reddit is known for its massive exposure and has become a real force of how the first page of the online world has taken the big form of this social networking site. Yes, mostly, the trendy news do catch up somewhere on Reddit. You can subscribe to it and know various interests. Along with the same, you can find subreddit for anything for fashion to tech etc. Talking about its overall features, it is one of the best news apps that have been in existence and considering its massive popularity, you will continue to get updated and authentic news time and again. There is a monthly subscription feature which is optional though and if you avail the same, then the ads will be removed. 



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Twitter is another social media platform which arms you with the latest news. It is one of the few options that show news in chronology. Hence, you can be sure of getting the latest news. It comes with trending topics along with hash tags etc.  As you follow the sources of your preference, so based on the same, your feed is going to show the latest posts. There are all sorts of posts on Twitter, so you can select the ones which are relevant to you. Also, you have the option to mute and block those people whom you feel should be thrown out due to their nasty posts. 

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