Top 9 Sports Games

Are you a great sports fan and cannot stop looking for the latest sports results during the main global championships? Then you will surely enjoy these engaging games!


FIFA 20 is a sports simulator from Electronic Arts and EA Sport. The main difference of this release is the presence of the VOLTA Football feature. In this mode, you can create your character and then begin the gradual conquest of the city.

It would be wrong to ignore FIFA 20. Although the release is single-player, it is still the best online game about sports and football. Everyone has heard about this fascinating game. Why do gamers love it? A huge variety of soccer teams, very realistic mechanics and handy multiplayer mode are its main pros.  

FIFA 20 game is a must-have game for any gathering with friends that are looking for something to play together. So if you haven’t played it yet, it’s high time.  

Need for Speed

Each developer has released at least one game about racing for gamers. All in all, so many gamers are tired of them.  

But it is impossible to get bored with Need for Speed because it is a childhood game and one of the best sports games on the PC developed exactly for racing lovers. This is the same race that you or your older brothers played coming home from school. Now Need for Speed is available online, has a cool storyline and an even bigger number of high-quality cars.  

The Crew 2

This is a pretty good sports-racing simulator that will give you a chance to race in the storyline and multiplayer. The number of cars that you can edit as you want is pretty amazing. 

Unlike the first part, The Crew 2 has no specific plot. Yet, there is a small mention of it in the main menu. All players are given a few scenes where the characters usually tell the protagonist who he has to defeat and what he has to fear. The dialogues are peppered with humor.

Football Story

A sports adventure with role-playing elements is the main advantage of the Football Story. Of course, you wouldn’t expect to see such a mix at all, assuming another sports simulator. 

The entire setting is based on sports symbols. Two modes are available. You can choose a single-player mode or multiplayer street soccer one. In a single-player mode, the character will be pumping his skills, meeting NPCs, improving the apartment and just living the sports dream. And in PvP, you can demonstrate the skill. In this case, you should choose the matches with eight participants. 

Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 is the first Slightly Mad Studios game released in a partnership with Codemasters. 

This high-quality game is an attempt to expand the audience. First of all, there is a tutorial mode. Now, the player is helped for the first hour, explaining all the mechanics and features in detail. And although the interface still seems a little overloaded, Project CARS 3 is much more friendly to newcomers than the previous releases.

For example, there are marks on the tracks that show you how to drive the car properly. If you see a red exclamation mark, you need to slow down before turning. And if you notice a blue arrow, you can press on the gas because there is a long stretch of road without turns. Of course, you can turn off these tips. Yet, if you have no experience in realistic driving simulators, it is better not to do this.

Now the career is divided into ten racing series, each with three different races. And the championship of several stages completes each of them. The gamer chooses his car, but at first, the budget is limited. So, only a few models are available.


This is not just a free sports game, but a football simulator with shooter elements that allows you to play from the first person. The main goal is to get the opposing team to score a goal.  

The Supraball game is designed in an interesting cartoon style that adds some charm and uncommonness to it. It is also necessary to note the excellent physics. The wind, bad weather, power of impact influence the way your ball will fly to the gates of your opponent.  


As a rule, all sports games are either one or the other. More often than not developers go either in the direction of simulation or give preference to arcade games. Steep had another rule and took a little bit from each genre. This game sends the player to the Alps, where he will have to ride a snowboard on the ski slopes. Play with your friends or ride alone! You can decide what mode to choose. 

You can glide smoothly through the snow or take off the mountain and fly downhill rapidly. The game has cool graphics and stunning implementation. Maximum immersion in snowboarding is guaranteed.  


The Session game is a third-person skateboarding sports simulator. The game features locations based on reality. You will be able to record video, as well as include VHS mode, which simulates the effect of a cassette recorder. The game has a multiplayer mode, and it changes the time of year and day. What’s more, you can learn various tricks to get more points and money to improve your skateboard skills.

Yet, this is far from a game that can occupy players for a long time. The gameplay is too monotonous, and you will surely decide to switch to another game.  

Madden NFL 20

In Madden NFL 20, you can play in teams, or you can choose one particular player. If we talk about the graphics, here it is at the maximum height of EA. There is the feeling that you really have got on the battlefield and participate in the match. If it was possible to connect a VR helmet, the experience would have been many times cooler.  

Several online and offline modes and the ability to play with a gamepad are the main pros of the game. Try it for yourself and you’ll realize that this is one of the best PC sports simulators you’ve encountered.  

The game has a simple and clear tutorial system that will tell you in detail and intelligibly how the covers differ, and how to place players.

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