‘Top Gun: Maverick’ story-line, star cast and all the details

Top Gun Maverick release date

After so many years of waiting, finally, the sequel of the movie ‘Top Gun’ is set to hit the theatres. Titled as ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ was officially confirmed in 2015. 

The 1986 movie original movie is an all-time classic and was a big hit from which many actors initiated their successful Hollywood career including Tom Cruise. He played Maverick, an arrogant but talented navy fighter pilot and he is indeed reprising his role in the sequel. 

The shooting started months back which was confirmed through the post on Instagram by Tom Cruise which reads ‘Feel the Need’. When asked about the post, Tom seemed very excited and said, “Yes, Top Gun 2 is happening”. He said the picture he posted was from the first day of the shooting. He further said, “Yes, we are making it. it’s amazing we are doing it after so many years and Jerry Bruckheimer is producing it”.

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Tom Cruise is the lead star of the sequel. When we talk about the other original movie cast,  Val Kilmer is also confirmed to play Iceman though the presence of Meg Ryan is still not confirmed as of now.

Apart from the old star-cast, a bunch of newcomers are also set to thrill us to give some modern touch to the movie that includes Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Charles Parnell, Kara Wang, Bashir Salahuddin, Ed Harris and so on.

Most of the details have been kept quiet as of now but seems like the screenplay writer Justin Marks has a great idea to show how the 1980s world of Top Gun has transformed at present. Since Maverick aka Tom Cruise is not a teenager anymore, after 33 years he is returning back as a mentor for the new-gen of fighter pilots this time. It will be worth watching how the plot of the sequel has evolved in this era from the 1980s. 

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Joseph Kosinski, the director states that this is not the same world anymore in which the original movie has been made. Things have been changed. The involvement of the navy in the wars is completely different at present. The approach should address the present time but it should provide the same thrill to the audience like the original one. 

The recent plot as per the news is Maverick being up for training new fighter pilots. In the plot Teller’s character will be somewhat like young Maverick who will continuously push him to leave the mentorship.

Paramount has to the release date July 19th 2019 which clearly did not happen. The release date has now been pushed forward to June 26th 2020 due to some unavoidable issues. Reports say that the delay is caused because the production house wants to craft the stunts and important scenes with seamless perfection. This movie will be having a lot of advance sequences. As per the sources and the pictures leaked from the shooting seems like Tom Cruise is doing a lot of interesting and thrilling action scenes in the movie. 

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So let’s wait for couple of months and see what ‘Top Gun 2’ has got to impress the audience.

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