Toy Story 4 finally got a release date !!!

Toy Story 4 trailer

Recently Disney Channel has confirmed that the fourth part of  Toy Story series will definitely be on the floors next summer.  

Toy Story is an animated movie series produced by Pixar animated studio and directed by Walt Disney Pictures. It is an adventure story revolves around a boy, Andy and his toys which are secretly alive. Toy Story is a classic series which deserves sequels. It is a great entertainment story with some educational and environmental lessons too.

The first movie was released in 1995 followed by Toy Story 2, 1999 and Toy Story 3, 2010. All the three movies have crossed box office records and had become the highest grossing animated movies of all the times. Every time the next sequel has become even better than its predecessor. Now its time for Andy and his beloved toys to be back on the screen in Toy Story 4.

Controversies: Toy Story was announced several years ago but since then there are many issues coming up in the production.

John Lasseter, the director of initial three movies stepped down from the project in 2017 because of sexual harassment allegations against him emerged. Then the movie has got a new director in Josh Cooley.

Same time Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, the original writers of the series had also resigned from the project and got replaced by Stephanie Folsom as a new writer.

Confirmation:  Disney confirmed the movie back in 2014 and again at d23 Expo 2015, the biggest annual get together of Disney. But later because of obvious reasons, the movie got delayed and there was no clue of Toy Story 4 coming up anywhere soon.

Recently Josh Cooley, the new director of the movie has confirmed through his Twitter post that the movie is in making and is going to be released on 21st June 2019.

Release Date: As per the original announcement the film was supposed to be released on 16th June 2017. Then because of many issues coming up,  the film got delayed and the next release date had been confirmed on June 15th 2018. Then the release got pushed back again by a whole year. Now, finally, the release date has been finalized on June 21, 2019.

As per the pattern, there are chances for it not to be released in 2019 as well. Anyway, Disney is occupied in the release of its upcoming blockbuster movie sequels like Avengers 4000, Star Wars Episode IX, the sequel of Aladdin, Lion King, frozen 2 etc. So, as per our observation, the movie will be released in 2020

What to expect: As per the sources, Toy Story 4 is expected to be a love story. The story might reunite Woody with his earlier love of interest, Bo Peep. Till now the script is uncertain and we have no choice but to wait for another few months.

The production shows some inconvenient circumstances because of which the movie got delayed. Also, the movie is very hard to produce with the incredibly higher expectation of audience after the huge success of the third part.

Now since the issues have been resolved the fans are excited again.  Let’s see if it is coming out in 2019 as per the statement of the director.

The expectations of viewers are sky-high with Toy Story 4 as with every sequel it gets better than the previous movie.

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