Trader Joes hours and senior hours during the Coronavirus pandemic

Trader Joes hours
Trader Joes hours today

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot in the current circumstances. Recently, the Trader Joes Hours have put a serious impact on the Covid 19 situation and it did happen only because of the current changes in the state laws, and each and every store in that place is ought to abide by the same. Trader Joes is regarded as one of the popular stores in the United States. As the Covid 19 pandemic has laid a huge impact in the work flow, the store changed its working hours recently. Here are Trader Joes hours and senior hours of working so that you can get a brief idea about its operational hours as of now. ( Read also : Tractor Supply hours and senior hours during Coronavirus outbreak )

Trader Joes hours

The American company Trader Joes is presently facing a lot of problems due to the Coronavirus outbreak. According to our recent sources, we have got to know that one of their employees was affected by the deadly virus. As a result, some of the stores in the United States of America have been closed temporarily. Also, the founder of the company, Joe Coulombe, has currently confirmed that the NYC store and the Denver store will stay closed for cleaning purposes. He even said that the employees will still get their remuneration. Besides, he also added on to it saying that the grocery store will open only after a few days. ( Read also : Hobby Lobby hours of operation amidst the Coronavirus outbreak )

As a lot of changes are incorporated in the working hours in the retail sector, it is quite obvious that you would be wondering about the Trader Joes hours today or searching for Trader Joes near you. In that case, read on till the end of this content and take a look at the Trader Joes hours during this Coronavirus crisis.

Trader Joes operational timings

Trader Joes hours start from that of 9 am to 7 pm, from Monday to Sunday. Trader Joes have also confirmed that its senior hours that will be one hour prior to that of their normal timings. Trader Joes senior hours begin from 8 am onwards to that of 9 am in the morning for senior customers who are over the age of 60. Whatsoever, for all those customers who may need additional assistance while shopping, Trader Joes comes with yet another provision wherein it has been working hard to get each store open as soon as possible and also to continue offering its provision to have a good supply of products available in each of the stores. Each store is getting cleaned and sanitized properly in order to make sure that the necessary precautions are taken against Coronavirus (COVID-19).( Read also : Michaels Hours : When will the Michaels Stores open at the time of the COVID-19 outbreak? )

Coronavirus cases in the United States of America 

As per our sources, there have been 142,402 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States of America. Among that of 142,402, there are 135,138 active cases, 4,767 recovered cases and 2,497 fatal cases. It is being said that the most affected place in the United States of America is New York City that has over 59,513 cases. However, we are expecting that this pandemic will come really soon. Along with, we are taking care of all the precautionary measures that are needed to be followed in order to ensure the safety of the people at that place. ( Read also : CVS new store hours during the COVID-19 outbreak, look here at the timings and other details )

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