Transforming Africa Into a New Hub of Technology – Allied Wallet and Founder Ahmad Khawaja

Transforming Africa Into a New Hub of Technology - Allied Wallet and Founder Ahmad Khawaja
Transforming Africa Into a New Hub of Technology – Allied Wallet and Founder Ahmad Khawaja

Allied Wallet takes pride in titling itself as a global leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. Certainly, it is a matter of pride for its CEO Ahmad Khawaja as well. Recently, the company decided to make sure that they are able to take up their services to different parts of the globe, including the ones that are titled as the remote regions of the continent. Hence, he introduced Allied Wallet Africa to create a new cashless economy in Africa. Certainly, this was something really unexpected to the people of Africa as they had witnessed a whole new thing coming up to the nation. However, this innovation has made it possible for the country to see a whole new era.

Allied Wallet: Partnership with Aimable Mpore of Telecel Global

Allied Wallet and Dr. Ahmad Khawaja are partnering with Aimable Mpore of Telecel Global. Indeed, this is a matter of immense pride and the partnership would see huge profits in the time ahead. It was particularly intended in order to bring a state-of-the-art digital payment technology to over one billion people in Africa. Nobody has ever thought that such a technological innovation would be brought to Africa. However, it has become possible only because of Allied Wallet and the only master-mind of the entire idea is none other than the CEO itself.

Of course, the African Government has helped the organization to stand true to its commitment. Allied Wallet is introducing Allied Wallet Africa in partnership with the African government. Not just the government of the nation, but several local banks have also joined hands to make this happen. Allied Wallet Africa will create a new cashless economy in Africa, and it is definitely going to be something that the region has never seen before. It is supposed to be one of the biggest names that the people of Africa would mention when it comes to secure digital payments.

Allied Wallet to Africa: Great day for the people!

Allied Wallet commits to the African people about bringing them the best technology in the world and they stand by it. Certainly, the company made it possible for the buyers and the sellers to transform transactions with the utmost security, and thus, bring them a new level of digital payments, said Dr. Ahmad Khawaja.

This partnership between Dr. Ahmad Khawaja’s Allied Wallet and Aimable Mpore is intended to transform Africa into a new hub of technology. It is further meant to promote the growth of e-commerce and new businesses in the region. Africa is also expecting to witness a new level of growth as more and more people out there are gradually getting comfortable with online transactions and digital eWallets. This is going to bring huge changes not just in terms of technological advances of the nation, but is also going to boost the economy of the nation in all aspects.

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