Travellers charged of £1,75 for England quarantine hotels

The travellers who are supposed to stay in quarantine hotels in England will be charged £1,750, according to the Health Secretary Matt Hancock. These measures have come into force as on Monday and are applied to the UK and Irish residents who will be returning from 33 Red list Nations all over the globe. People who will fail to quarantine themselves in a government sanctioned hotel for a span of 10 days will now have to face fines of up to £10,000. During this course, all the travellers arriving into Scotland from abroad by air will be compelled to go into quarantaine hotels. The travellers from Red list Nations to that of Wales and Northern Ireland will need to book and pay for quarantine in England as neither of the destinations has currently got any direct international flight connection. 

The Travellers arriving into England who lie on their passenger locator forms about visiting a red list country will either have to face a fine of £10,000 or have to suffer up to 10 years in jail. This came into law after the UK reported another 12,364 confirmed cases of coronavirus and a further 1,052 deaths within 28 days of a positive test. The total number of cases went up to 113,850. Over 12.6 people are now reported to have received the first dose of the vaccine. In the Commons, Mr Hancock said that 16 hotels have been contracted for the programme, and 4,600 rooms have now been secured. The health secretary has even confirmed the new enhanced testing resume for all the travellers will be arriving into the United Kingdom. This would begin on Monday with 2 tests to be done during the quarantine procedure. The tests will be conducted by NHS Test and Trace, and shall cost travellers £210.

Also, it is clearly notified that the travel and airlines industry will have to keep a check on the travelers travelling and they must ensure that they have been tested covid negative prior to the departure without which they will be fined 500 pounds by the Border security check officials who shall consequently conduct an immediate check too! 

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