Trick & # 39; R Treat broke the biggest horror rule


The beloved Halloween-themed anthology, Trick or treat, has become a staple for horror fans, as it represents the "rules" of the holidays through its iconic performer, Sam, although his various stories broke the most important rule of the genre in great ways.

Released in 2007 by director Michael Dougherty, who also wrote the script, and produced by Bryan Singer (X Men), the anthology presents intertwined segments that are all connected by a mysterious "child" named Sam who is not exactly what he seems. Similar to other iconic midwestern movies like Hallowe'en Y a nightmare on Elm Street, Trick or treat It takes place in the fictional city of Warren Valley, Ohio, and takes place on Halloween.

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While Sam has his own "rules" for proper Halloween behavior, which are derived from the roots of Samhain vacations, the horror genre in general also has certain traditions. One in particular has been subverted by movies in the past, but traditionally it is done in a softer way. For a long time, the death of children was considered a taboo in horror movies, and although it still remains a bit in modern times, Trick or treat Did not pay attention.

Trick & # 39; R Treat Featured Featured Children

Children on the school bus at Trick R Treat

A particular segment in Trick or treat, the Halloween Schoolbus Massacre, revolves around an urban legend in Warren Valley where a group of children with developmental delay died in an accident. According to the story, the eight children on board were installed by their bus driver, who was paid by the children's parents and charged with killing them; He ended up being the only survivor of the crash, as expected. Inspired by the legend, a group of children decides to take eight lanterns to the accident site, which is next to a quarry and a lake, to pay tribute to the dead children. However, this goes terribly wrong when children suddenly get up from their final resting places and choose all but one of the children who dared to bother them on Halloween night.

Another story involves the director of a school (Dylan Baker, The good wife) named Mr. Wilkins, who decided to poison all of his Halloween candy with cyanide, and then passed them on to those who do trick or treat as usual. A particular child, Charlie, is caught by Wilkins after breaking the man's pumpkins and is given a lecture on the traditions of the party in a way that reflects Sam's mission for the night. Charlie, who is an overweight child, crammed with poisoned candy and ends up dying like a horrible death. Later, Mr. Wilkins is seen trying to bury Charlie and another child who has been a victim of his ill will. Tired of the interruptions, Wilkins decides to bring Charlie's head to his son, Billy, and the two make it their own disturbing version of a flashlight as a fun bonding activity.

Trick or treat He did not suffer from his inclusion of dead children, and instead, the choice fit quite well with the general narrative of anthology warning tales. His decision to directly challenge one of the most enduring taboos of horror was made with intelligence and paid appropriate homage to the darkest aspects of the genre treading where others would not dare.

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