Troubleshooting The 4 Most Common Headlight Problems

Your headlights are an essential part of your vehicle. Of course, they are a legal requirement. But, you will be glad they are there when you find yourself driving in the dark. However, the headlights are also frequently overlooked, resulting in an array of issues that may not be spotted until you have the annual vehicle inspection undertaken.

The good news is that most issues come down to one of four issues:

  1. Blowing Fuse

If the headlight fuse blows on your car then it could simply be old. You should replace it. However, if it blows again and again then you have an issue. The first step is to unplug your light, there will be a simple connector into the back of the light fitting. Remove this, put a new fuse in, and turn on the lights. If the fuse blows you have an issue with the wiring, if not, the problem is in your light.

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You will want to check your light bulbs and the wiring around the lights t ensure they are rated correctly and not damaged 

  1. Bulbs Keep Blowing

This problem is often a result of poor handling. When you replace the bulb you should avoid touching the glass any more than you have to. The oil on your skin shorts out the bulb. It can also blow if it is not held properly in place. That’s why you should always follow the instructions when working on vehicles. 

It is also possible that the light fitting is corroded and needs to be replaced. Take a look to see if there are any signs of corrosion.   

  1. Flickering Lights
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When headlights flicker you probably have bad wiring. It can be a bad connection between cables or a damaged piece of wire that keeps shorting, but only for a fraction of a second. It can be very difficult to trace a bad connection. It is a good idea to get a reputable automotive electrician to take a look at your vehicle and find the fault for you.

Cables and wires can work loose or become damaged through normal wear and tear, that is why it is so difficult to find the faulty piece.

  1. No Low beam

The most obvious issue with a lack of a low beam is a bulb. This is certainly the best starting point, looking for and finding a bulb then replacing the one in your vehicle.

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This can also be an issue with the fuse or the wiring. Again, you will need to check it all and a specialist will be a beneficial help. After all, they have the equipment to test the wires and locate where the fault is.

Getting a headlight issue resolved quickly is important. If they are not working properly then your car becomes a danger on the road. You can’t see where you are going properly and others may misjudge your size or the distance they are from you. If you can’t see what the issue is, get specialist help quickly. 

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