Trump related accounts removed by PayPal and Shopify, justification due to supporting violence as the reason.

The removal of stores of President Donald Trump from Shopify has been the recent move as the company cited that he supported violence.

There has been some serious move taken by online commerce and payment services which have stopped flowing of money to different accounts of Trump, in view of Wednesday’s insurrection at the US capitol. The removal of stores which were affiliated with President Donald Trump has been one such concrete move. While PayPal closed the account which was responsible for raising funds for Trump supporters as they travelled all the way to Washington DC.

This was the recent step taken after Trump supporters overpowered the US Capitol forcefully evacuating the building. Even as the lawmakers were busy recording electoral votes from 2020 presidential election where Joe Biden was held victorious. 

The mayhem is certainly unfortunate and untimely. Even more so, as the electoral process has been followed for choosing the president with full transparency. However, it didn’t go down well for Trump. 

It isn’t one stray incident when tech companies have taken the move for removing the accounts. There have been many similar incidents in the past as well. Shopify on Thursday asserted that Trump stores which had affiliations with Trump campaigns and Trump organization has undergone policy violations, thereby stopping users to support organizations that promoted violence. 

In an official statement from Shopify, the spokesperson said that Shopify has strict policies regarding those who incite violence. Considering the recent happening where the action of President Donald J. Trump spoke about tremendous violence which directly violated the policy. It has been strictly said that the company doesn’t support any organization, people or platform which threaten violence. 

There has been no response from Trump side. The official email address of Trump Organization was said to be non-functional in response to the request which was made for comment. So, one couldn’t get to know about his side. 

PayPal also echoed the same response. In an official statement, PayPal said that it reviews accounts in order to ensure that its services are used in strict adherence with the standing policy. The company further cemented the voice of Shopify where it said that it doesn’t permit PayPal services to promote violence or any other thing which incite violence. 

In a move where social media sites faced flak over spreading the messages of Trump terming that it supported the insurrection, different sites removed the content related to the President. Yes, different sites be it Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has taken the initiative of blocking the accounts of Trump citing that it violated the policies. While Snapchat also followed next. Considering the different social media sites, which are creating a stiff response to something which is wrong, it has opened a welcome change which is certainly related to promising and futuristic United States.  

Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts blocked

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statement said that there would be far greater risks if permission is granted to President for using the services 

Facebook has banned Donald Trump from its platform in an indefinite manner citing that his statements have incited violence in US capital, this week.  What started with a 24 hour ban was extended since Facebook platform was used to encourage violent insurrection and that too against the government which was elected in a democratic manner. 

It was a day later that social media platform necessitated to take emergency related steps in view of the false claims about how legitimate his position and power has been, even though he lost to President elect Joe Biden. Furthermore, he was charged with encouraging angry mob to storm the US Capitol  

Facebook further said that it is extending the block from Facebook and Instagram accounts for a period of indefinite manner or minimum of two weeks, till the time situation comes to normal, while the power of transition gets over

The crackdown came after supporters of Trump stormed US Capitol on Wednesday where the angry mob was soon controlled, but not before one woman was killed due to gun wounds, posing a slight hindrance to the procedural norm of certifying Biden’s election victory.

The mayhem was result of how Trump had earlier addressed the mob and requested them to march on the Capitol. Even he seemed to be adamant trough this video where he repeated the false claims of how there has been election fraud. YouTube soon removed the video as per its policy where it claimed that he challenged the election results.

Twitter openly issues a statement where it said that the violation posed a challenge on civic integrity where any further violations may result in completely suspending the account. 

Twitter unbans Trump, but continues to be blocked in Facebook and Instagram

US President chose the platform of Twitter towards giving announcement through a video that Joe Biden is going to be the next US President.  It is interesting to note that different social media sites including Facebook blocked the accounts over the apprehension that his messages may well add fuel to the fire by creating long list of violent sparks, if it didn’t stop this time. 

Twitter unlocked the president’s Twitter account which consisted of whopping 88 million followers. The move by the Twitter was in response to President removing three rule breaking tweets. One of his first posts featured a video where he was looking towards peaceful transition of power and the video was viewed by 1.4 million times within 15 minutes of being posted. 

Tech companies have been trying their level best to crackdown the baseless claims of president about Nov. 3 US presidential elections. This move was the result even as hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol where the mayhem and unrest resulted in four deaths. 

The account of Trump from Instagram and Facebook has been blocked in an indefinite manner for at least two weeks. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that the associated risks for allowing him to use the platform were “simply too great”.

While Live-streaming platform Twitch followed next and photo sharing service too issued similar bans. 

The shocking incident which created a landmark of its own, has certainly demonstrated that President Donald Trump has ill intentions where he wanted to use remaining time in office to take the peaceful scenario for granted. Yes, the elected successor Joe Biden is said to become the next US President. 

There has been an official statement from White House spokesman Judd Deere that there has been a censorship from the company right at such a critical time when significant developments are happening in the country. 

Zuckerberg said that the ban on Trump’s Facebook page would go on to last till January 20, right at the time when Bide takes office. 

In one of the meetings where he presided in front of his employees, he said that it is his responsibility to be led by an example and that he wants to ensure that the country always stands first for him. 

However, the irony is that president has been resorting to things which are totally opposite and moreover creating things which are going to disturb the social fabric of the society. President is certainly wrong, if he thinks that he can sway the election results just by adhering to violence. 

Social media companies have been under pressure about spreading the content of President where he promoted violence. Inc’s Twitch has no other option than to disable the channel of Trump especially on the conditions of “extraordinary circumstances. In one of the statement, Amazon has said that the account will be operational once President leaves office.

Facebook’s decision is based on the ban which happened in recent years where government officials both in Myanmar and India have been subjected to the same due to promoting violence. 

However, as per the version of Facebook spokesman, it is the first time when the company has blocked a current president, prime minister or even head of the state. 

In a video which was shortly posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Trump has reaffirmed about the fraud which has happened in election even as he urged protestors to go home. 

Civil rights groups including Color of Change has requested social media companies to permanently ban Trump from different social media platforms, as he was involved in loads of policy violations. 

The Anti-Defamation League supported the move from Facebook and termed it to be an obvious step while the NAACP in a statement urged that this step was actually a long overdue gesture.

Let it be known that Facebook went under flak for excluding the posts from politicians and ads from third party fact checking program. Over the recent months, the company has begun the process of labeling some of the Trump’s statement, but was soon questioned, as to why it didn’t act before the violent rhetoric that fumed in the past few weeks especially, as there were rallies taking place by the organizers. 

Democratic Representative Bennie Thompson who presides the House Homeland Security Committee uttered that he was very angry over the fact that group of domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol

There have been so many voices which have been coming from far and near about how such unprecedented moves can literally take few of the landmarks hostages and bring US in bad shape.

Mr.  President has to have been lot more serious and responsible in his approach even as his childish behavior was something which has been dearly rebuked and countered across the length and breadth of the county and the world. 

The move by social media sites give a stiff response to all those who are eyeing to take the country to a hostage, as the current scenario did show an immensely pleasurable fact about how unity by social media sites can land them towards something which is promising as it stops the voice of an irresponsible leader, if everyone takes a united front.

Mostly, the big wigs have reiterated about how Mr. President should have shown his responsible side. Yes, more so considering the chair which he holds and the charisma of a president of the world’s super power is undeniably awesome and great. However, all of that has not been cared much by the President who tried to be childish and naive and created his own version of how fraud has happened in the electoral results. 

Everyone has been angry to how well he has been trying to take innocent mob towards fulfilling something which he is not supposed to do, and he can’t do in any way. Infact, there is no possibility that he can fulfill his aims and objectives by resorting to violence in any manner. 

While earlier if the role of social media sites wasn’t appreciated to an extent due to spreading content which supported violence, but it all become too awesome and fruitful when social media sites started to block the accounts of Mr. President who has been going on with his hateful speeches. 

This move has been well appreciated and has created a promising phase of creating a conducive situation for one self. 

Mostly, the accounts will remain blocked till the time, the new president takes the seat peacefully to ensure easier and fruitful times marking another presidential election as one of the landmarks in the US history. 

The Wednesday’s crackdown has been a blot on the US as this will be written in history as something which has undermined the elections. 

However, there are so many positive outcomes arising out later on with everyone unanimously criticizing the mayhem and how social media sites has blocked accounts to ensure that peace remains in effect without any hindrance and that too immediately. 

Mark Zuckerberg equally needs to be appreciated for his role as he put an immediate ban on the account of President so that violence can be curbed as it is against the democratically elected government. 

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