Trump says information about Russia-Taliban bounty plan not credible


President Trump said Sunday night that the reason he was not informed about Russia's alleged reward to the Taliban for killing US forces in Afghanistan is because intelligence officials did not find the report credible.

"Intel has just informed me that they did not find this information credible and therefore did not report it to me or @VP," the president tweeted.

"Possibly another Russian hoax fabricated, perhaps by Fake News @nytimesbooks, that wants to make Republicans look bad!"

Early Sunday, the president endorsed claims by the White House that he and Pence were unaware of the alleged reward.

The New York Times reported on the rewards on Friday, claiming that the president was briefed on the situation and discussed it in late March with the White House National Security Council.

The report said several options were considered, including sanctions and a complaint to be filed through the diplomatic channel, but the White House had not yet authorized any response.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and national intelligence director John Ratcliffe released statements Saturday saying Trump and Pence had not been informed.

McEnany's statement commented on the "inaccuracy of the New York Times story that mistakenly suggests that President Trump was informed on this matter."


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