Turn your clutter into cash with Decluttr app

NewsDio Desk : Do you want to remove clutter of your house in terms of old cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles etc and earn some big money in the process? If yes, then Decluttr app serves you in style where it ensures that you get paid in an easy and hassle free manner. In short, there is opportunity for you to turn your clutter into cash. 

The overall operations is easy, since you are directly selling to a company and not peer to peer. The reason it is hassle free because with minimal formalities, you get paid after removing the clutter from your house as you don’t have to take photos or meeting face to face, or keeping track of the auction etc. In short, you just to have to do little work for the biggest return which awaits for you. 

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So before you start selling, you should be well aware about few considerations as many people don’t do it right. Let’s know them

Informing something, and sending a different gadget. Yes, if you send a different model unlike to what you have told the company, it is not worth it. 

You should be very true and honest while quoting a price for the gadget. Similarly, whether the gadget turns on, or if it has scratches etc, then you have to clearly mention. Based on the quoted price, the company have three options, either they accept it, or quote a lower offer or simply return the gadget. 

While you ship the gadget, it is important for you to wrap it with sufficient newspaper so that it remains protected, while through the journey. 

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The device you are sending, shouldn’t be locked or blacklisted. In the event when you have purchased a second hand device, do check whether it is stolen or not. The best way is to check the IMEI before you ship to the company. 

Things to note

  • Take a backup of your device and remove any memory cards along with SIM cards before you head out to ship
  • Regularly check the email with respect to any messages which you may have received from Decluttr. One of the reasons why they email you is to revalue the specific gadget. If you get this specific email, then you have the option of either “Accept” or “Decline” their offer. In the event when you choose the latter option, then the company send it back free of charge.  
  • The company doesn’t need you to send them accessories, chargers or original packing. However, if you do so, then it is going to recycle the same. You can get the quote instantly by the company based on the initials you have provided. 
  • The price which Decluttr says, has a validation period of 28 days. It may revalue the item too in the event when the item fails to have the same condition which you have told them or if it has a different model, make etc. 
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Final thoughts

This is how you can ensure an easy way out for making extra money, while ridding from the clutter at the same time.

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