TV personality Dr. Drew also has the effect of covid-19, he tested positive after downplaying it

There is no doubt in the fact that covid-19 is making the situation worse. Recently a piece of news came out where Dr. Drew Pinsky, also get affected by it. He downplayed the dangers of coronavirus early in the pandemic before apologizing. On Tuesday, he mentioned that he tested positive for the virus.

He also posted a video on Instagram where he mentioned that he was sick over the past week and isolated in his home. After it, he tested positive on the fifth day of his illness.

In the clip, he also mentioned that covid-19 is not fun, and he will not recommend it. He also added that he was feeling better, but his stamina was depleted to an extent. Right now he is at his home in California and looking forward to a speedy recovery.

He is taking all the precautions suggested by the doctor so that fighting with covid-19 will become a situation to handle for him.

Let’s hope for his speedy recovery so that he will be able to see him on screen again as soon as possible.

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