Twitter’s introductory “Undo Button” will be a part of the paid feature soon

NewsDio Desk : There has been a long demand from the Twitter users about the need to have an undo button in Twitter. Now, it seems that the concerns and curiosities of people seem to be addressed. Yes, it is going to give much needed help to the users as the company is keen to work on an Undo button. However, this feature will only be limited to selected few.

So, who are all those people?

Well, for paid subscriptions, that the service will be available. Yes, the Undo button is going to be at your service, if you have actually paid for the service. 

Jane Manchun Wong, who is a tech researcher, spoke about how Twitter is strategizing about making research and further inroads on Undo button. She has made further details available on her Twitter handle. 

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She has made it clear that the paid subscribers can enjoy the service.

She has also help in visually making it easy for the users to know, understand and relate to the service. 

So, what is exactly “Undo Tweet” option?

Unlike the current feature where you can delete the whole tweet, this one is a bit different. 

Many a times it happen that at the time of writing a tweet there is some factual error. This is where Undo button comes to play its main role. As it stops a tweet from being posted, if there is an error 

So, based on the prevalent error, you can use the option, to further correct the mistakes and then post the tweet for the world to see. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to delete the whole tweet and hence can save time and energy in re-writing the same. However, this is where ‘convenience’ can be said to come at a price, where paid subscribers will be able to get a hold of this feature.  There has been an official confirmation in this regard through an email to CNET. 

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Twitter has already made it clear that it is going to launch a paid service which is referred as “Super Flow”. 

There has been a lot of time since the company has been working on the same and it seems that it is about to give practical implementation to the same. Yes, basically, the company is eyeing to increase revenue. The “Super Follow” mode will give twitter users chance to generate money for their tweets. The followers do have to make a slight payment if they want to be in the exclusive list of few of the renowned content creators, or influencers. Hence this is where you have to pay $4.99 as a Super Follow subscription. Hence, a publisher can be seen earning an amount through his fans. 

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This mechanism will give the publishers and creators enough motivation to continue to create content for the needs of audience. Since, it will make them responsible and dutiful to their task while they will continue to earn from their fans as well. 

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