Uganda social media ban questioning Africa’s regulations

There has been a huge social media crunch in the present days and after Google has blocked the local Australian contents and thus, asked the government to pay for showcasing them on the social media, there is yet another news that has popped up. Facebook has suspended some of the Ugandan accounts that was followed by the authorities and then the entire internet, the Dickens Olewe looks at the wilder implications for Uganda. 

Facebook had said that it has been trying to implement the rules but that’s not the way in which the President Yoweri Museveni has seen it. He said so as he ralied against the decision of the company to remove the accounts linked to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) just a couple of days prior to the Thursday’s general election, “There is no way anybody can come [here] and play around with our country and decide who is good [and] who is bad.”

The President had further accused Facebook which he along with the other candidates who had been using to campaign of “arrogance.” Furthermore, Don Wanyama, the Press Secretary, who was one of them whose account was affected had told the BBC that the social media platform was originally becoming dictatorial. Mr Wanyama had said, “It is simply a platform, it should not morph into a political party. There must be regulation of these platforms and independent oversight bodies.”

He even said that the communications commission of Uganda should have get involved into the set to avail a level playing field. Facebook had said that it has been acting post an investigation that found that the accounts were involved in a coordinated effort that undermined the political debate in the nation. Irrespective of the merits of the case, the analysts have reported that the famous social media platforms such as the Facebook must pay a bit of attention to the ways of their operation. Mr Wanyama had accused the leading opposition presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi (better known as Bobi Wine) for being responsible behind the removal of the accounts. 

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