Ugly Delicious Season 2 will arrive on Netflix in March 2020


Ugly Delicious will prepare some strangest meals next month with the arrival of season 2 in March 2020.

For those not started, Ugly Delicious is a culinary reality series that first premiered on Netflix in 2018. Its first season saw David Chang, a famous chef's trip to find the most satisfying food in the world but not the most pleasant in sight.

The first season he approached pizza, tacos, shrimp, prawns, barbecue, fried chicken and fried rice.

The renewal of Ugly Delicious was first known when Dave Change turned to Twitter to tell the world in November 2018. It has been a spooky wait for the second season, since season 2 took almost a year and a half to reach our screens

Now, however, we know that Season 2 of Ugly Delicious will be released on Netflix worldwide on March 6, 2020.

While waiting for season 2 of Ugly Delicious on Netflix, take a look at the series he was involved in last year. Breakfast, lunch and dinner arrived with the star chef presenting with some famous guests like Chrissy Teigen and Seth Rogen. Four episodes of that series are now available.

Although not explicitly starring David Chang, The Chef Show is another fantastic cooking show with its third volume coming out on Netflix in February.

The release date of the second season comes as another cooking show in which David Chang had a great role, The Mind of a Chef will leave Netflix. He played an important role in the first seasons of the PBS cooking show, so it is good to know that we will have something to replace it.

Netflix has been losing quite a few kitchen series and reality from suppliers in recent times. In December, for example, the signature series Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown, left Netflix.

Are you waiting for more delicious food in March? Let us know in the comments below.


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