UK government closes all "nonessential" stores as part of measures to stop coronavirus • newsdio


The closings will continue for at least three weeks.

The British government has announced that all stores that sell "non-essential" products, a term that applies to all video game and electronics stores, including Game, will be closed immediately as part of radical measures aimed at limiting the impact. of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom. .

In a broadcast to the nation earlier this afternoon on March 23, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the government was ordering the closure of all stores across the UK that sell "non-essential" products. "including" clothing and electronics stores ".

Government monitoring guidelines are even clearer, explicitly stating that all retail stores will be closed for at least three weeks from March 23, with a few exceptions (including supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, pet stores, offices (post office and banks), bringing an end to the uncertainty that has plagued the main street in recent weeks.

Although some retailers had voluntarily suspended operations following the government's announcement Friday that all bars and restaurants would be closed, many game stores, including Argos, Currys, CEX and Smyths, chose to remain open across the UK.

Video game specialist High Street, for example, has finally announced that it would close its Belong arenas earlier today in light of the government's social distancing guidelines, but would keep its retail stores open, a deeply troubling prospect for many of its premium employees. line.

"As of now we are still expected to enter, but we hope today is the day," a manager of the game store told Eurogamer before the new government shutdown measures, "With everyone else on the street about to to close there is no "There is not much more open besides the Game. It seems that now we trust that the Government will intervene before it gets out of control. "

And that, of course, is precisely what has happened now; As much as store executives want to keep their doors open despite the growing coronavirus crisis, that option is no longer available, with a mandatory government lockout now across the country.

Few retailers have publicly responded to the new measures so far, presumably given the delay in the announcement, but I'll update this story if anything notable develops.


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