Rumors and Gossips circling about Uncharted 5

Uncharted 5 game

All the 4 games of Uncharted were celebrated by the critics for raising the level of single player video games, particularly the second instalment, Among Thieves, which is considered one of the best video games of all time.  The series had garnered acclaims from critics and was loved by the fans because of the fact that the strong factors had built the game. By strong factors we mean gameplay mechanics, quality in story-telling, realistic graphics, voice acting and delivering the amusing cinematic experience to the players.

That said, the developers ‘Naughty Dog,’ will not stop their madness of bringing the characters to life in next franchise series even after getting so much of appreciations from the world’s greatest critics.  Many believed that with the 3 games Naughty dog might stop, however, they proved us wrong and released the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end which made a great impact in the gaming world. In the same way, when we thought that the Uncharted 4 was a well thought conclusion to the drake’s journey, the rumors about the Uncharted 5 have been doing some rounds.

It won’t come as a surprise to us if they do bring some unprecedented extraordinary story-telling game, given the history, they have only got better with time.

Uncharted 5 release date

Fans are curious to know if there is going to be any uncharted 5 in the coming years and some of the curious fans asked Neil Druckmann and Nolan North about it. To which North stated that if it were to happen then he would be very much interested, But Druckmann had another story, he was like there is very much of the possibility to explore the uncharted 5 but not with Drake at the center.

Let’s face it, how the game can do well without the role of Drake as the lead?

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Amy Henning certainly thinks the next part can be every bit as cinematic – every bit as engrossing- without Nathan Drake calling the shots. She believes that Chloe and Nadine’s Indian trek is a living proof that they can call quits for the current hero Drake. With Nathan Drake Ostensibly out of the picture, the common logic points to a fresh start would be set in 10 or 20 years from now where Cassie Drake is just coming into her own. Amy also stated that there might be a chance of using the young version of Nathan Drake just like Indiana Jones where its character was used always to jump back in and tell a story which could give a whole different color to it.

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A lot of spilt beans actually from Amy Henning, and we think it could be true as she knows the game inside out, all because she served as Game Director for 3 titles and ended her terms with Naughty dog as the development of A Thief’s End was mid-way. The hint suggests a very good story-line to be used in the game, let us hope that it ends well without the current hero Drake.

So, what are the odds of an Uncharted 5?

A lot of rumors about Uncharted 5 has surfaced on the internet by time and again, but with the developers busy with their upcoming releases, for now, it seems impossible for uncharted 5 to have an imminent release. The developers have reiterated the impossibility of the brand new game in the series. However, Druckmann did say that they have love for the franchise and if the game had to surface, then it might come later in the years with fresh avatars.

What we are trying to say is that Naughty dog do not have any real reason to abandon uncharted series 5, it is just that they have other areas to work on. If everything goes right then we might hear some announcement on it very soon.

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