Understanding Retractable Awnings and the Weather


The sun can become even more of a problem during the summer, causing your outside space to become overheated and uncomfortable to use. Outdoor spaces can also be heavily affected by other weather conditions, such as rain, storms, sleet, and snow. Weather conditions such as these can cause damage to your outdoor deck or patio and can limit how often you can use them. One solution to this problem is to install a retractable awning over your outdoor space to provide shelter from the elements.

Retractable awnings from Go Retractable are designed to be durable enough to protect your outdoor space from all kinds of weather conditions. The quality of your retractable awning and how well you take care of it will determine how well it fares against the weather. There are many different aspects of retractable awnings that you will need to know to help it stay effective and durable. In this article, you will learn how retractable awnings can protect your deck and patio from the weather.

Retractable awnings and weather conditions

Taking care of your retractable awning

Retractable awnings do not have to be reinstalled or stored after it has been used. This will help you save money by not having to contact a professional. It also makes it much easier to handle. Retractable awnings can be operated manually or electronically through a remote device based on your own preferences. All you have to do is let your retractable awning go back after taking care of it once it has been used.

This will at least save you the trouble of having to figure out how to store it somewhere. One of the best ways to protect your awning during intense weather conditions is to let it retract all the way. You may also want to keep it retracted during the winter to protect it from snow and the otherwise harsh, colder weather in general. 


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All of your deck or patio furniture should be brought inside to protect them from the cold as well. This will ensure that your retractable awning is protected and remains durable for future use.

Always make sure to inspect your retractable awning so you can best determine how to take care of it. You should clean the fabric on the awning as well as the different parts. Doing so will help keep it in a durable state and detect any weaknesses before they become too big of a problem. If your awning becomes damaged, you might have to replace it when the weather conditions allow it. Taking care of your retractable awning will allow it to protect you and everyone else on your deck and patio from the weather.


Retractable awnings should stay retracted during moderate to heavy wind conditions to avoid getting damaged. Heavy winds can potentially rip through your retractable awning if you leave it unattended. Wind works in mysterious ways and you may never know what kind of effect it can have on your retractable awning. It could even possibly cause damage to your house if the wind is heavy enough.

A tear can cause your retractable awning to become ineffective, and you may have to replace it. You may never know when they wind may decide to pick up and become an even bigger deal to worry about. That is why it is best to keep your awning retracted when you know the wind will become an issue.


Retractable awnings do an excellent job of protecting your outdoor spaces from the sun. In fact, sun protection is the most important job a retractable awning has. As long as you have a high quality retractable awning, you will not have to worry about the sun ruining your outside fun. You can stay comfortable in the hot summer weather thanks to the protection they offer.

The fabric of retractable awnings can last up to 20 years without the risk of fading or deteriorating from the sun. You can keep your awning down over your outdoor space so you can keep it cool enough to enjoy with the rest of your family. You should definitely invest in a retractable awning if you want high quality sun protection for you and your family’s favorite outdoor spaces.


Retractable awnings do have the ability to protect your outdoor spaces from the rain as well. They are water resistant and can handle light rains. They are capable of keeping your outdoor spaces dry while you and your family gather around. However, the retractable awnings are not waterproof and they can only hold a certain amount of water before it becomes a problem. An excessive amount of water from rain storms can cause lasting damage to your retractable awning. It can become an even bigger problem if there is also heavy wind involved.


You should always keep the awning retracted during heavier rainstorms to keep it protected from water damage such as staining or stretching. A good way to determine how much water an awning can hold is by looking at the pitch. The pitch will help you know when you need to get the water off the awning and when to keep it retracted. You can still keep your awning down in light rains since they are not as severe. As long as the rain remains light, you will not have to concern yourself with water damage.


Knowing how retractable awnings can fare in certain weather conditions can make a huge difference. If you are uncertain of how to properly maintain your awning, you may want to look online for tips and solutions to keep it in good shape. Maintaining your retractable awning and protecting it from harsh weather conditions can help it remain durable and reliable. It does an amazing job of protecting your outdoor spaces from the sun.

However, knowing that there are certain weather conditions it cannot withstand is important. Make sure to keep the awning retracted during heavy rains and wind to keep it prote

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