Universal Credit : Log in Method and its Benefits

Universal Credit
Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a scheme that helps in the benefits of people who work under lower-wage pay or simply do not have any work. It is a controversial welfare scheme developed in the UK to help and support peoples. It is a social security payment channel to benefit low-income employees or workers out. In this article, you will come to know about its login procedures and other benefits provided through it.

It is a benefit paid to people who have been in or out of work. After being introduced it has gained much popularity. This is all because it is getting more digital day by day. The application is online and all individuals have their personnel accounts to check their claim and get all its benefits. Online services have been introduced by the government in order to make it easier for people to get their claims. In the year 2010, a new policy was introduced by Iain Duncan Smith, (work and pensions secretary), which he proposed for making a social security system that will benefit claimants and taxpayers.(Read also : OnlineSBI : Facts and features about internet banking of SBI )

 Steps to Log in to Universal Credit

A user can get access to his/her account by just getting online and visiting the government website. Users can visit the official website by entering the URL: https://www.gov.uk/sign-in-universal-cresdit. You can explore this site through any browser.

Once after visiting this site, a user needs to set his unique username and password. This signup process is for a newcomer who visits a Universal Credit account for the first time. If a pre-existing user visits the site he/she needs to enter his username and password, for getting access to the account. Every user has their own personal account, which is secure.

In case a user forgets his account details and is unable to get access. There is a reminder provided by the website in such a case. If a user has an Online Universal Credit account, he can also get access to the account via GOV.UK Verify.

In case a user is not able to get access to the account, they do not need to panic, because they have a solution to this as well. They have provided Universal Credit Helpline number 08003285644 (Textphone number: 08003281344). Another contact method is also available through NGT text via 18001 and then 08003285644. A welsh language helpline number, 08003281744 is also available.

Benefits of Having an Online Universal Credit Account

Universal Credit Online Account offers too many benefits to the account holder. An account holder having an online account can apply for an advance payment on his/her payment. This will help in plugging in the five-week gap, between the process of applying and getting the benefit. Some of the benefits and tax credit had been replaced. This benefit is for the betterment of people who are at the age of working and earn a very low amount as household income.

The 6 benefits provided by Universal Credit with a single Monthly payment are:

  1. Income-based Employment and Allowances for support.
  2. Allowances for Job-seeking persons.
  3. Income support to account holders.
  4. Child Tax Credit
  5. Working Tax Credit
  6. Housing Benefit

A person can check his statement, add a new note to his/her to-do list, and get information about the next payment. You can even report a change in circumstances. Claimant Commitment will also be contained on this page, in order to provide access to the benefits.

Almost one million people are taking advantage of it at the present and it is estimated that around the year 2024, 7 million people will be taking benefit of it. The only bad thing about it is that it takes 5 weeks’ time for making the first payment after creating an account. Some people having work revealed that they are unable to take more hours or they have turned down a better paid job, because of the benefit cuts the amount they get.

Some measures to make Universal Credit Account work efficiently.

  1. The Government should reduce the time brights wait for the payment. It must be slashed from 5 to 2 weeks.
  2.  Allowances should be increased and taper rate should be reduced to help at least 4 million families with this scheme.
  3. Parents can claim 85 percent of the money for child care upfront.

Who can claim for Universal Credit?

Several initiatives have been introduced by the Government that includes various payments for many benefits in a monthly amount. Many benefits had been replaced by this scheme that is being mentioned earlier. All those who are getting the benefits would be rolled onto the new system. This would be done between now and the year 2024.

In case if someone gets informed, by the Department for Work and Pensions, that they have been moved, there is nothing to panic. You must set up a digital account thereafter. The payment that one would receive includes standard allowance and if any some extra amount (some condition) if they:

  1. Have children
  2. Have some disability or health illness that make them to not to work
  3. Need for paying the rent
  4.  Are aged 18 or above.
  5. Are at the age state of getting pension
  6. Live in the UK
  7. Along with the partner have saved less than 16000 pounds.

Sometimes a 16-17-year-old person can also claim Universal Credit or if you are a student.

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