If there was a clear path to benefiting from a smarter work environment, would you follow it? We all want an efficient, productive, secure, and more intelligent workplace that enhances collaboration ad mobility while minimizing all the risks involved. But how do you achieve that? Well-used technology has been improving business performance worldwide for years.

60% of SMEs lack a comprehensive digitalization strategy for their workplace. Overcoming these risk aversions and embracing innovation is key to making your business run better than ever. Today, there are new opportunities that advancements put in the hands of smart businesses. Below, we share the five most essential areas in which technology can help the company.


The pace of work in the company requires fluid and continuous communication between its workers. Collaborative solutions (Groupware) are systems that allow you to be in seamlesscontact with colleagues, suppliers, and customers. You can communicate from a single access point and different devices. These solutions include other functionalities – some of the most common are email, instant messaging, contact management, calendars, file exchange, document management, project management, workspaces, and forums.

These solutions bring many benefits to the company. It offers increased security, instant access to the status of the company’s shared resources, and daily work information accessible at any time and from anywhere. For instance, many firms have turned to automated systems that provide an efficient platform for meeting room analytics and assistance in relevant management matters. It allows all team members to keep up with contacts, meetings, emails, tasks, documents, and resources’ status. Such solutions also stimulate cooperation and communication in the company, increase worker productivity, and optimize administrative processes.

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91% of the participants in a meeting are distracted, but tools like these can improve engagement. It helps you achieve an environment where team members can discuss, plan, and execute workflows. These programs have all the necessary tools in one place, and all relevant parties have access to them. Workforce productivity increases by improving communication, ensuring connectivity between team members, and reducing the wasted time associated with meetings.


If technology has helped change the corporate culture of organizations, it is mainly due to mobile applications. The devices are only the support that allows us to improve the connection – what allows this connection are the mobile applications. As we can imagine, the most relevant applications in the business field focused on productivity, saving time, and maximizing performance. Mobile applications are equally attractive because they have a lot of transformative power and a relatively low cost. These apps help you increase productivity, foster collaboration between employees, and improve communication.


Providing employees access to the information necessary for their work is an integral part of any strategy. We must invest in a reliable and stable network that guarantees stability in terms of data integration and information quality. The security of this data is equally important. According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report, credential theft is the primary reason for over 80% of businesses’ security incidents. Companies must invest in data security to prevent cyberattacks that threaten confidential and sensitive data of your business.

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Data must be available to the workforce anytime, anywhere. Investing in a VPN or diebestenvpn or reviewsdir gets employees to work from where they feel most comfortable. This satisfaction can lead to a massive increase in productivity. Also, employees’ availability increases with video conferencing solutions, which reduce travel and allow you to have the best talent, even remotely.


Today, companies handle considerable amounts of data and digital information. It is necessary to transform this information into knowledge to increase the company’s competitiveness. This transformation of data into knowledge is called Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are information analysis systems that allow us to know what is happening. It also helps you understand why it is happening, predicts what will happen in the future, and decide what actions you should take. These solutions extract information from the rest of the organization’s applications, such as ERP, CRM, and DMS.

These solutions offer many benefits to the company. It can reduce administration costs, optimize company processes, and improve the relationship with stakeholders. It further simplifiescomplex information analysis, decision-making, and detection and troubleshooting of issues before they occur.


Enterprise resource management covers the administration of an organization’s practices, resources, and operations. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are management information systems that help manage many of the company’s processes in an integrated way. You can integrate purchase/sale, accounting, human resources, warehouse, suppliers, projects, clients, and many other functions to improve performance. The centralized management of these areas makes it possible to cross data between different departments and facilitate information analysis.

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These solutions allow you to quickly access information on resources, execute complex workflows, and optimize company processes. Ultimately, it reduces time and costs while helping in decision-making.

Similarly, web portals are essential tools in the company, being the entry point of many clients. Content Management Systems (CMS) greatly simplify the work of administration and maintenance of a web portal. They allow you to quickly create portals with advanced features, such as image gallery, newsletter, forums, blogs, integration with social networks, and many other things. It opens up a new access door for customers and improves your company’s presence in new markets. Your company’s information remains available 24 hours a day through an integrated portal that connects with the rest of the company’s services and resources.


In the Digital world era, all the industries believe in the quick, safe and faster documentation process like eSignature software is providing. Currently, you can use digital signature software to complete the deal faster and in a cost-effective way.

It will also save the environment because of the paperless documentation process and reduce the paperwork and complete deal in record time.


One of the most important values of any company is its human capital and the professionals that make it up. By promoting technologies and collaborative tools, we will multiply their efficiency and improve their processes. The digital workplace will become the workplace of the future and meet all requirements of a business. A logical user interface, a strong company network, and a data protection guarantee are essentialfor smooth processes.

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