US Nurse tested positive after having the vaccination for Covid-19.

US Nurse tested positive after having the vaccination for Covid-19.

After having vaccination as well, people are suffering from covid-19. Recently Matthew W, a nurse at two local hospitals in California, tested positive after receiving the vaccination. It might sound quite different to you, but yes, this is the truth. He is 45 years old nurse in California, and after receiving the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, he also tested positive for it.

On a Facebook post on 18th December, he mentioned that he received the vaccination and his arm was sore for a day, and after that, there were no such Side Effects. But after 6 days later on Christmas Eve he again becomes sick and after working a shift in the covid-19 unit he started to feel the same thing.

His muscles start to ache, and he was feeling fatigued. He again went to the hospital and go for the test, and again the results came out to be positive. This was the day after Christmas. No one has expected that after receiving the vaccination as well, someone can get tested positive for covid-19.

Rammers mentioned that everyone was expecting the positive results and we are aware that it the vaccination is on clinical trials and it was going to take about 10 to 14 days to develop protection from the vaccination, but it is something unexpected. He also mentioned about the dose that initially it was to give around 50%, and after it, the second dose is to get up to 95%.

Expectations by individuals around:

All around the individual were expecting the results to be good, but after this news came out that the nurse tested positive again, things have become worse. There is a lot of Hustle bustle among people, and everyone wants a clear answer to it. Everyone is silent considering the results and no such news came out cleared. From the day he has announced about having the covid-19 outbreak to get clear answers from the developers. Not even a single statement has been given by individuals.

During the vaccination program, the experts mentioned that two doses are required to have full effectiveness, but it is something which is just unbearable. Also, health experts are planning things in the manner that people can get the best in return, but somehow the things are not as they have expected.

Moreover, Ramers also mentioned that it is possible that he was infected before receiving the vaccine as the incubation period may be much as two weeks. He was defending and proving that the vaccine is correct and there might be some problems with him only, but this is not the solution for it at all. People are looking forward to knowing something from health practitioners.

Health practitioners are very optimistic nowadays, and from the beginning of the end, they are taking everything into consideration. Certain protocols of covid-19 are important for individuals to follow still as well.

Recently, Matthew also shared a post where he mentioned that he is feeling quite better after having the symptoms on the Christmas day, but still his body is not allowing him to engage in activities with the same effectiveness as he used to do. Everyone there wishes him good luck. But still, the health practitioner’s engaged in the production of vaccination are not ready to accept that after having the vaccination, someone has the symptoms of covid-19 again.

Let’s hope to have the vaccine that must be really very effective and help people to fight with the covid-19 things as well. If there is anything you want to know, stay tune\d with us, we will help you in getting the details.

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