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V Wars season 2

V Wars 1st season has gone really popular on Netflix and thus, the fans seem to be really excited about the rolling of the 2nd season which would be up on the platform in some time. V Wars is basically an American series from the science fiction niche. It was released on 5th December 2019.

The series revolves arounf the story of Jonathan Maberry and the series of graphic novels that were introduced to the Dr Luther Swann ( Somerhalder ). He is seen to plunge into the world of terror all of a sudden with a mysterious illness that somehow transformed his best friend Michael Fayne ( Adrian Holmes ) into a killer predator who happens to feed on human beings. This series is basically a production of IDW Entertainment, High Park Entertainment and Marada Pictures. The executive producers of this house include Eric Birnberg, Thomas Walden, Ian Somerhalder, Ted Adams, James Gibb, David Ozer.

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Plans for V Wars season 2

Netflix had once decided to cancel this Vampire series earlier on 30th March, 2020. It also said that there would be no second season of this series rolling up on Netflix. Although these declarations came over, a lot of viewers were waiting for the renewal og the second season of this series.

Ian Somerhalder, who plays the character of Dr Swann in the series, makes it appear as if he doesn’t want to abandon the series as of now. We got to know about it from his recent post on Instagram wherein he had put up a video and in that, he is seen to encourage his fans about trusting the show even more than they had been doing earlier. As a result, we wish that there is still a little hope for the season 2 coming up.

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Even if the series is cancelled on Netflix, there’s nothing to get a shock as such things have happened previously as well. Netflix can plan its renewal anytime. Thus, you do not need to let your heart feel down as there’s a lot of possibility to see the 2nd season ahead.

V Wars Storyline

The basic story line of the film revolves around the incidents that follow after a virus spreads on the earth and as a result, it turns the people over there into vampires. Herein, Dr Luther Swann finds himself to seek a cure for the epidemic. He goes around with his best friend, Michael Dayne who gets infected and thus, takes over a circle of vampires, called the Bloods. As the vampire and the humans keep on struggling, Dr Swann goes on through to save himself. People from the dubious government also get into the picture. At the same time, the Doctor continued to defend himself from the person whom he considers to be his brother, and the latter grows up to become the largest

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