Virtual reality will help train Ford Mustang Mach-E technicians


Ford is becoming an expert in technology with the Mustang Mach-E.


Automotive technicians preparing to work in the next Ford Mustang Mach-E They are about to get a major technological update. On Friday, Bosch and Ford announced that the automaker will use a virtual reality tool developed jointly to help technicians train to service the electric SUV.

Without a physical vehicle in the room, technicians will put on a Oculus Quest virtual reality headset and enter the world of virtual reality. From there, the simulation will present the main components, such as the high-voltage system and the main battery, and the technicians will learn all the details in front of them. Gamification could also be part of the process in the future, too.

Bosch told Roadshow that the company has developed a kind of "game" that turns the technician into a data package in the world of virtual reality. From there, he or she will need to diagnose a problem, but with each movement the technology will be "loaded" with a simulated coin. To perform better, technicians should solve the problem as quickly as possible.

For now, however, VR technology will be strictly an informational tool for the Mustang Mach-E. With an understanding of the car through an incredible virtual practical approach, technicians must know the ins and outs of the electric SUV in an instant. Ford may also expand this technology to other vehicles in the future.

As for the Mustang Mach-E, Ford will launch the SUV later this year with the First Edition Model. In fact, each version will be available this year, except the most powerful GT model. (Ford is saving it for spring 2021). Look for the most efficient models with the extended range battery option to travel at least 300 miles in the EPA test cycle.

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