How pandemic necessitated the dependence on voice notes

No one would have actually determined or understood that dependence on things like ‘voice messages‘ will become vast and huge due to pandemic. 

Yes, after all for a 28 year old Meredith Giuliani who had the perception that voice notes were quite weird as she mostly dependent on texting. However, with the onset of pandemic, she mostly dependent on audio messages as it became a routine for her. 

Considering the limited opportunities which people got to socialize themselves, people naturally got an easy mode to establish communication by sending voice notes. 

Although, Apple including others have the facility of recording short messages through text and chat app, yet the format seemed to gain grounds in United States with the scenario arising out of pandemic. 

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Romina Kyskaj, a 23 year old recruiter and a resident of New York uses the facility for being in touch with her parents who are residing at a six hours of distance. Due to the format of voice messages she is able to send emotions, tone, and feelings along with joke across. 

Nick Hofstadter who is a travel advisor and is aged 38, refreshes his mind by sending voice notes to close friends where he tell funny stories with a tinge of drama.  He avoids sending long text messages though. 

Even Facebook has realized the extent of dependence on people for voice notes, as it has taken an increasing popularity in the US when compared to last year. 

It is understandable and relatable the kind of popularity which voice messages have naturally experienced over the past few months. Since, one engages back and forth dialogue with others by keeping intact emotional aspect as well. There is a more of human connection which is established as the conversation becomes engaging, fruitful and exciting to say the least. 

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In the current situation, voice notes are becoming more apt  in the US for various reasons, besides the aspect of ‘convenience’, the most longed aspect of ‘intimacy’ during the time of isolation is greatly addressed. Similarly, the whole act of setting up a video call remains a hassle free affair. These aspects have gained relevance especially at a time, as many of us are not with our friends and family members. Hence, the aspect of emotional aspect grew even more as it speaks of closeness and love. 

Voice notes also give a slight indication about how answering machines were a part of service where people used to save important messages from their loved ones. The exact length of messages used to depend on the kind of space and power of the machine. However, unlike machines, people were not habitual of leaving voice messages on phones to another person. However, the era of pandemic has changed all of that.

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The friend circle is closely knit and taken care of, thanks to the voice messages which are sent. 

Now, it is becoming quite a surprise for the very same people who are highly dependent on sending voice mails as to why they couldn’t pick the habit before.

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