Walking dead movie : Story, Cast, and all information

Yes! We are talking about the 10 seasons of the most watched series in 2019-2020 The Walking Dead. It’s an American television series and premiered in October 2019 by AMC. Frank Darabont is the author of the wonderful drama. The series is completely based on the comic book eponymous which is by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore. If we talk about the story where season 9 left, the new villains were introduced in season 9 and she was named Alpha. The complete season 9 revolves around teasing the people in against the time jump where the necessary conflicts between the people of Alexandria and the Whisperers, Hilltop, Oceanside, and Kingdom.

The Walking Dead season 10 Story

There is no doubt that season 10 consists of the Whisperer War. The war followed the path of The Walking dead’s fair. Although the plot doesn’t look like it completely follows the comic book story that was written by Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead season 10 adapts the “Whisperer War” and “Call to Arms” in which the producers and directors prepare the new war scene for the fans.

The directors are thinking about the season 11 for the wonderful drama that is the reason they shaped the season 10 in such a manner to make the season 11 in the continuation and make the suspense for the fans. The community decided to introduce The Walking Dead Commonwealth. Moreover, this was the unceremonious fashion because the one actress had left the show in season 9. This is the reason the director turned the movie according to their story. But no worries for the fans, the movie will give him the perfect thriller and suspension to watch.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Cast

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The good news for the fans is that all the previous characters are present in season 10 but some of the characters are changed due to some serious kills that bring the new characters. The list is given below have a look at.

  • Danai Gurira as Michonne
  • Norman Reedus as Daryl
  • Melissa Mcbride as Carol Peletier
  • Ryan Hurst as Beta
  • Christian Serratos as Rosita Esp Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter
  • Lauren Ridloff as Connie
  • Eleanor Matsuura as Yumiko
  • Thora Birch as Mary
  • Callan McAuliffe as Alden
  • Nadia Hilker as Magna
  • Cooper Andrews as Jerry
  • Angel Theory as Kelly

The Walking Dead season 10 was the viral drama of the Year?

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The most-watched drama series is known as The Walking Dead. The fans are eagerly waiting for the new season. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the series has delayed the release date and so for the fans for waiting for the suspense and drama of the season 10. As the fans are very excited to see the favorite character who has returned for this season, Rick Grimes. And the new showrunner Angela Kang’s arrival makes double joy for fans. This is the reason the drama show is in the viral news for 2020.

The postpone of season 10 creates suspense among the fans. They are thinking that in the war, who is alive, who is dead, the thrilling part still comes for fans. It’s supposed The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air following this year, though no clear date has been given. Once it comes on the screen, definitely a blast for the fans to see the amazing series.

Release Date: 

Due to the amid of Coronavirus pandemic everything is ruined so the movies, series are also affected. The final episodes of the season are left to release that consist of the climax of the series that is more frustrating for the fans.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale was recently announced by AMC on twitter. The production of season 10 is incomplete and it is not possible to complete it in such situations. There is no doubt that the AMC has to plan accordingly to see the safety of the members. But this is heartbreaking for the fans to wait for the finale of season 10.

Final Verdict: The Walking Dead Season 10

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Everyone knows the thrilling and most watchable series on the television The Walking Dead season 10 is a delay due to the worldwide effect of COVID19. But for further news and updates regarding the show just stay with us.

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