Warner Brothers ‘IT’ is back with chapter 2! (IT2)

IT chapter 2

Are you ready to see Pennywise once again? Well, You will! One of the best horror movies, ‘It’ is back with a sequel with the nameIt: chapter 2. The news was confirmed by Warner brothers during an interview after the massive success of chapter 1 which has already grossed more than $700 million worldwide.

Released last year,It was an adaptation of Stephen King’s book released in 1986. ‘It’ was a huge success and the most profitable horror film till yet.

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The shooting for ‘It- chapter 2’ had already been started a few months back. It is directed by Andy Muschietti and produced by Barbara Muschietti. The sequel will see the kids all grown up after 27 years and reunite once again against Pennywise. So, It will be an adult version of losers club. Any idea who will be playing the looser club in the second chapter? We will tell you anyway. From release date to star cast we will tell you everything about it in this article.

Confirmation: Warner Brothers announced that the second and the last sequel of movie ‘It’ will be released next year. A few weeks back, the makers have posted a teaser of the movie on their official Twitter page confirming the release date of the movie as well. The trailer has not been launched yet. Generally, Warner bros release a trailer before 6 months of the release of movies. So we can expect the trailer in the first quarter of 2019.

Star-cast: Recently McAvoy has posted his picture on Instagram with the caption ‘Day 1 on IT 2’. This clearly implied that shooting for the movie has already been started and the actor is a part of it. Then later, director Andy Muschietti shared a photo with Jessica Chastain implying that she is done with her scenes.

The character of Bill, the leader of losers club will be played by James McAvoy who is best known for X-Men series. Beverly will be played by Jessica Chastain. The chubby kid Ben will become a handsome Hunk after 27 years which will be portrayed by Jay Ryan. Richie will be played by Bill Hader, Terry by Isaiah Mustafa and Eddie by James Ransone. The role of the most scared kid, Stanley will be played by Andy Beane.

Story-line: The book covers the story of losers club in two parts. One part covers the losers club being children and other part covers their journey as adults. ‘It’ chapter one has covered only the kids’ part. Now the sequel is coming up covering the adult part of the book which is no brainer.

After 27 years when the kids are grown-ups, the killings will begin to happen once again which can only be done by Pennywise. The adult losers club will reunite again and fight with Pennywise once more.

The makers are trying hard to connect the two timelines by adding lots of flashback scenes in the movie. This way the losers club will find out some hints to kill Pennywise from their childhood. The movie is also going to reveal the character of Pennywise before he became the one. Chapter 2 will be the last part of ‘It’ series.


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Release Date:  It chapter 2 is officially going to head the theaters on September 6th, 2019.

As told earlier the movie is an adaptation of a book, so the people familiar with the book already have an idea about the story-line. Do not worry! We are not giving any such spoilers to ruin your surprise. If you are too curious and can’t wait, then go and read the book. We would rather suggest you wait for the movie to be released and enjoy the surprise.

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