Microsoft releases Bing with GPT-4 worldwide.

By Yash Neharkar                            

Bing with GPT-4 in chat is available worldwide. Login and request access now. Recurso liberado após email confirmação.

Since the smart chat tool was being distributed slowly, it was necessary to join the line.

Windows Central reported the change, which Verge verified. Enter the new Bing page and click "Enter the waiting list." 

On Wednesday (14), Microsoft announced the GPT-4 language model, but a surprising revelation was that it had been testing it in Bing Chat for weeks.

However, the search engine does not yet have some of OpenAI's new technology, which allows text and images as input, which could help you show your robot.

Since OpenAI released ChatGPT in November 2022, speculation grew that such technologies could replace search engines.