What Are Some Profitable Online Businesses?

Working on the internet has never been more popular. Many people have had to change their job arrangements and get used to spending time at home rather than the office.

No commuting to regular work means that you have extra time on your hands. And that time can be used to create a passive source of income or even a full-time venture. Here are some ideas to make money online, even if you have only an hour or two for it every day.

Idea #1 – Print on Demand

A print on demand business is great for those who have a graphic design background or something similar. That is not to say that design skills are necessary. You can hire a freelancer and turn the business idea into a joint-venture.

Starting from scratch can seem tough, but you have platforms like Printify that offer access to print provider networks across the world, competitive prices, high-quality products, and store integrations. Your duties will be driving traffic and coming up with designs for the products.

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Look for a market that is not too oversaturated. Say you want to appeal to dog or cat lovers. Instead of generic designs with these animals, why not have them wear funny clothes or quote famous people? The more narrow your niche, the higher the chances of succeeding, provided that there is an audience for your print on demand products.

Idea #2 – Online Surveys

Online surveys are an excellent method for those who have less than an hour to spare but would still prefer to use that time to improve their financial situation. Completing an online survey takes between 10 to 15 minutes. So you can finish about 5 surveys in an hour on average.

The rewards for filling a survey are not always money. It can be coupons or gift cards, but even they are valuable. Also, keep in mind that some surveys are exclusive to particular devices, such as smartphones. If you run out of surveys on a computer, see what your smartphone has to offer.

Idea #3 – Blogging

Blogging can be a hobby and a way to express yourself. But if you work on it, there is also a chance to profit from a blog. Consistency in publishing interesting content should be the priority. If you deliver with your articles, you can expect to have a decent following sooner rather than later.

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Once there is enough internet traffic, you can look to monetize the blog. Some bloggers run ads or promote digital products, such as e-books or courses. A crowdfunding page is also a popular option nowadays. Finally, you can offer opportunities for other bloggers to publish their content on your website. It is a popular website promotion method because of all the SEO juice that a backlink from an established blog offers.

Idea #4 – Virtual Assistant

Not everyone has enough time to finish their tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant is an efficient option, and you could be the one who gets the job. There are many job offers for VAs on platforms like UpWork and Fiverr.

The work itself is usually simple, and the pay is not the best, but it is a great opportunity to make some new connections and gain experience doing various jobs in addition to making extra income. Not to mention that you can finish the work in an hour or two, meaning that it can work as a side gig.

Idea #5 – Data Entry

Data entry work is similar to that of a virtual assistant. You need a computer and basic research skills. Knowing how MS Excel works is an advantage as well because this is where you usually have to enter the data.

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Idea #6 – Online Courses

Having a background in teaching helps, but that is not necessary if you want to create and sell online courses. Some of the best courses online were created by people who have dedicated time researching the subject from multiple sources.

Skillshare and Udemy are two of the most popular platforms where you can sell education to others. Learning new skills online has become so popular because people want to improve themselves or even switch careers. And if the means to improve their lives are available on the internet, they would not want to miss such an opportunity, right?

Idea #7 – Streaming

Streaming could also be something to give a go, though it might be difficult to break into a scene that already has so many streamers. Nevertheless, if you have an entertaining personality or a particular set of skills, such as cooking or playing an instrument, why not try your luck on Twitch TV or YouTube? The money comes from viewer donations and subscriptions, though plenty of streamers also have sponsorship deals to promote various products or services.

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