What Are the Differences Between Powdered Urine and Synthetic Urine?

Do you have an impending drug urine test? If so, then this write-up would surely be beneficial for you. It will educate you about the differences between powdered and synthetic urine, two of the most common items used to pass drug tests.

About Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine, as its name suggests, is an artificial counterpart of real urine. It contains various chemicals and other artificial ingredients, together which mimic the properties and actions of real urine. 

Manufacturers make sure that synthetic urine has every feature of real urine including its color, smell, etc. This makes it a favorite product for people who want to pass tough drug tests easily. Click Here to find out more about the 5 best synthetic urine available on the market at the moment. 

Companies that produce synthetic urine ensure that they use the best combination of ingredients so that their product resembles real urine perfectly. Recently, some manufacturers have started to use uric acid in the formulation. This has made it almost impossible for the testers to identify that the urine they have received for the test is not the real thing. 

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Some laboratories have started to use advanced equipment that can identify the artificial ingredients present in synthetic urine. So, before you go for a drug test and provide the lab technicians with synthetic urine as a sample, do your research well about the kind of machines and techniques the laboratory uses. 

About Powdered Urine 

If you don’t want to use synthetic urine for your drug test, you have another option available. It’s powdered urine. Check TooSlick to know about the composition of powdered urine and its common uses. 

People in the United States have become big fans of powdered urine because of its ability to help people pass drug tests without any hindrance. The biggest difference between synthetic urine and powdered urine is that unlike the former the latter is real urine. 

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Do you want to know how urine becomes a powdered substance? It’s simple; it is the dehydrated, powdered form of actual urine. You can use powdered urine to hire all kinds of information regarding drug use. Additionally, drug tests that are done on powdered urine typically fail to identify health issues and history of medication. 

What are the merits and demerits of powdered urine? Indeed, there is still no lab equipment that would be able to identify the use of powdered urine. As the chemical composition of powdered urine is exactly the same as real urine, it’s unlikely that a machine will be able to detect that the sample produced by you is fake. 

However, there’s another major hitch. As this product comes in powdered form, you’ll need some time to get the test sample ready. You might get caught if the test is done under close supervision. However, you can hide the powder under your clothes to make the onlookers believe that the sample offered by you is actual urine. 


What Are the Applications of Synthetic Urine and Powdered Urine?

These products are mostly used to help people pass drug tests. However, that’s not the only purpose these products are used for. Both synthetic urine and powdered urine are used to carry out medical studies. This makes it easier for the researchers to collect and handle urine. Medical students also use these products as alternatives to real urine when they work in laboratories. 

Final Words

You should be the one who decides which product type you will choose to pass a drug test. The only thing you must make sure that you use synthetic or powdered urine manufactured by a reliable company. 

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