What Can Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Exam Give You and Your Career?

What Can Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Exam Give You and Your Career?
What Can Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Exam Give You and Your Career?

Security has now become the responsibility of everyone when it comes to Cloud. Good thing is that Microsoft has a great curriculum aimed at equipping people with the essentials. Thus, Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate is a must-have credential for the security professionals who want to verify their skills in implementing threat protection as well as protecting data and network in the hybrid and Cloud environments. This includes security protocols necessary for critical tasks like Azure Migration Services and deployment of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop.

This certificate is also recommended for anyone who touches Azure. The areas of focus of the Microsoft AZ-500 exam topics include the following:

  • Management of AZ-104 Exams ;
  • Implementation of Platform Protection;
  • Identity and Access Management;
  • Security of Data and Apps.

Therefore, all the security engineers should consider taking this exam because this is obviously a curriculum in which they are expected to be hands on.

Microsoft AZ-500: Exam details

Abigail Q can be taken in Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese and the students will need to pay $165 for the voucher. The test has about 60 multiple-choice questions that you should cover within 150 minutes to get more than 700 points. The structure of the exam is divided into four parts. About 30-35% of the total questions are typically related to Identity and Access Management and about 15-20% of the questions associated with Platform Protection. Lastly, at least 25-30% of the whole content will come from the Management of Security Operations while 20-25% are usually related to Security of Apps and September 08,2020 .

There is no all-in-one way of covering all the topics effectively for every candidate. The best thing to do is pick the path of study that favors your schedule, interest, and study style. If you don’t have a tight schedule and want to cover the objectives in a formal environment, you can enroll for the official training course, which is provided by Microsoft, or take formal training offered by third parties. Video training is also a great option for preparing for this exam. If you like, you can simply August 12,2020 , exam dumps, and books so you can study by yourself.

Microsoft AZ-500: Career prospects

This is a useful certification for the security architects and engineers to combine with other relevant security credentials that are widely accepted. For instance, it can be combined with Adah A . Combining with other Azure badges is an ideal way to help put you get ahead as you begin your Azure career or looking to continue advancing further inside the organization you are working with.


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Adia Z will definitely be challenging to study and pass but you can still take it successfully, earn the associated certification, and feel very proud of your achievements. Passing this test and getting your badge will unlock a door of opportunities for you. Furthermore, preparing for the exam is something that will challenge you to learn various skills that maybe you never had before.

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