What happened to Jim Carrey?


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In our latest WTF series, we take a look at some of our favorite stars and filmmakers who have apparently disappeared or altered their careers over the years to the point that raises the question; What happened? Now, before you think we're just bothering celebrities or posting gossip rags, think again! We took a fun (and sometimes fun), researched and fair approach, looking at all the angles that took our subject wherever they are now (which is not necessarily a bad place at all). In any case, answer the question of where these good people went, how they got there and where you can find them now.

In our last episode, we approached the ultra funny Jim Carrey, who has built an empire from his rubber-faced comic antics, leaving a long list of fan favorite movies. Carrey began as most comedians, doing stand-up, before getting a role in the In Living Color television set, which took him to Hollywood. ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE lit the fuse and from there the actor stacked gem after gem on his resume. Then, Carrey tried his luck at a more dramatic rate with good and not so good results. Then, his work became more sporadic and began to develop his tastes as an artist and painter, while dealing with some personal problems. But, Carrey cannot be retained and continues to resurface from time to time to prove that he is still here and still has what it takes, even though we still have to ask the question; What happened to Jim Carrey?


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