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You have been busy. I've been busy. But people talk about Slack on all of Twitter, so let me reach both of us.

All the fuss about Slack and its publicly traded shares seemed to start with a story of Business Insider, which had the following headline:

Slack has just reached its largest agreement with the client, as IBM moves its 350,000 employees to the chat application

Given the context of the battle of Slack versus Teams, making Slack win what appeared to be a huge new contract was great news. Slack's actions skyrocketed more, and the news generated all kinds of headlines that now seem a bit silly.

Like this:

After all, Slack can survive, after IBM chooses them [sic] as an exclusive provider for 350,000 employees

Loose shares traded heavily all day. They were worth 15.4% more than yesterday, and then, suddenly, this beautiful afternoon, Slack's stock trading stopped, pending news.

This led to general chaos, with everyone trying to figure out what had happened. Had I bought Google Slack? Slack had bought a little poodle? It was IBM do not a lazy customer? It was not clear.

To be clear, stopping an action is a big problem and instantly draws attention to the company in question. Public companies do not expect much news, since it is not good or fun. It is also why the profits come after hours

Later, Slack launched a presentation to the SEC, which included the fact that IBM was already One of his clients. This meant that IBM was not a new customer, and that the main figure of 350,000 employees I would not do it It manifests itself in that many new Slack seats sold.

The company itself put a final piece of hardware in human plastic material, saying the following in the presentation to placate the enthusiasm of the market:

IBM has been Slack's largest customer for several years and has expanded its use of Slack during that time. Slack is not updating its financial guidance for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year ending January 31, 2020 or for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2020.

Womp womp, I think it's the phrase.

This also happened, but the events of the day seem to be in large part of what did not end up being what we thought.

When Slack finally began to float in commerce after hours, he quickly returned approximately half of his earnings. Slack shares are currently worth $ 24.56 in after-hours operations. They started the day with a value of around $ 23, and were quoted in the middle of $ 27.

Now you know.


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