What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Online Video Maker

Suppose you’re looking to create videos with an Online Video Maker that will gain an audience and impress your viewers. In that case, you’ll probably look to Hollywood at some point to see how the pros use various editing principles in their work.

Indeed, cinematographers and directors within the movie industry hone their skills for years to make moving images compelling and deeply immersive for viewers. If we want to create videos that really “pop,” in other words, we will need to learn from masters of the craft.

Are you ready to get started and have a bit of fun in the bargain? Good! Here are just a few things that Hollywood can teach us about using an Online Video Maker.

1. Lighting Counts

Have you ever noticed that some lighting sources either make you look bad or make your video look unprofessional? When you watch big-league YouTube and TikTok personalities at work, you’ve probably noticed that their lighting is always on point. This isn’t a coincidence: Without question, lighting is one of the most important aspects of film and video production.

Without proper lighting, most people will look slightly “off” on film. This is even true for top actors.

If you’ve ever noticed how drained you look on a typical Zoom call, for example, you already understand how bad lighting can give you an unflattering appearance. Good lighting doesn’t have to be expensive; however, taking time to ensure that your videos are well lit can pay off in the long-term.

Here are a few ways to achieve good lighting on a budget:

  • Experiment with lighting sources that you already own. See which light sources make you look good.
  • Keep more light on your “good” side. (Most people have a “stronger” side of their face that looks better on camera.
  • Overhead lighting tends to be unflattering onscreen; top-down light sources tend to produce shadows on your face. Try using lamps at or around eye-level while filming.

2. Each Video Tells a Story

Every successful video has a narrative. Pay close attention, and you’ll notice that even short vines use a typical “story structure” to pull viewers into the world of the content creator. In Hollywood, these kinds of narratives are called “three-act stories” because they typically have a problem, a solution, and a result.

For example, let’s recall the most recent ad for a weight-loss product that you saw. The main character started off being unhappy with their look. Then we saw their exercise routine had paid off, and they’ve traded in their drab old clothes for fashionable new threads. Viewers will see how much progress the person has made in their personal life.

The video described above may be only five-second long or less, but it will certainly tell a story. You’ve probably picked it up already.

It may not seem like it, but this brief description of weight loss fits with the kind of story structure that Hollywood specializes in. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end: When we meet our hero, they feel down. However, things aren’t going right for them. By taking action, however, the person changes their life for the better. Watch any Hollywood film, and you’ll see the same basic narrative structure played out. It’s the story of every Hollywood character from Luke Skywalker to Forrest Gump.

And you can use that kind of structure too! When you’re making a video with an Online Video Maker, ask yourself what kind of story your video will tell. Does it show the audience how your life has improved? People tend to reflect on stories and narratives give the world a sense. A successful video should bring viewers along the flow. In other words, we must tell a story.

3. People Love Comic Relief

Have you ever laughed out loud during a Hollywood action film when one character says something funny during an intense moment? Movies like “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” are full of those. On a storytelling level, these quips or humorous asides are called “comic relief.” And Hollywood loves them.

To wit, the principle of comic relief suggests that people enjoy tension in specific small doses: We love seeing blockbuster action movies because such movies are exciting without actually putting us in real danger. But too much pressure is stressful: When we’re too stressed out by a scene, we often feel anxiety. A barrage of anxiety isn’t all that pleasant. Comic relief creates a nice balance between these two states: We get the excitement of an action scene without the overwhelming pressure of unrelenting tension.

In other words, a gentle sense of humor can go a long way to smooth the way for a serious topic. Striking this balance isn’t easy: We don’t want to be too blasé about specific issues. And crudeness rarely finds favor with a mass audience. But sometimes, a funny line delivered at the right moment can defuse tension about severe and even stressful subjects. Humor can also make your story feel more relatable and show that you’re both resilient and humble at the same time.

Final Words

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So there you have it! These three principles of Hollywood filmmaking can help you get started with an Online Video Maker. By using good lighting, telling an exciting story, and using humor to defuse tension, you’ll be well on your way towards making videos that audiences love. When it comes to making videos, that is half the battle!

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