What is Corona Kavach health insurance policy and how to buy it?

Covid-19 or Corona is a pandemic disorder that is affecting more people these days and one should take preventive measures to ensure high protection. The Corona cases are increasing day by day in India and the medical facilities are not available in all hospitals. Since there is proper treatment available for the condition, a patient needs admission to a private hospital to control the virus infection. Not everyone can afford medical costs after hospitalization and Corona kavach policy offers solutions for managing them with ease. It provides methods to get coverage for the treatments without any financial burden. However, one should know about the policy features in detail before making a purchase.  

The costs of Corona treatments are expensive that will result in debts and having a health insurance policy will help a lot to reduce them significantly. Moreover, it gives ways to focus more on recovery instead of medical bills enabling patients to stay away from potential threats. 

Why Corona Kavach insurance is necessary for everyone?

Coronavirus is mainly caused by infections that will spread from one person to another person as soon as possible. The disease can result in life-threatening symptoms that need proper attention. Furthermore, it is possible to get treatment for the disease only in certain hospitals and a patient has to spend more money after the hospitalization. Therefore, having an insurance policy will help to overcome them effectively. Corona Kavach health insurance serves as a protective shield for patients when it comes to medical treatment costs. 

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What are the features covered by Corona Kavach health insurance policy?

Before purchasing a Corona Kavach health insurance policy, one should know the features in detail that will help make the right decision. Another thing is that it paves ways to get a high-quality treatment in approved hospitals to ensure high recovery rates. 

Here are some features offered by the insurance policy.

1. In-patient hospitalization 

The policy covers in-patient hospitalization expenses while getting treatment for the virus infections. This will help manage costs that give ways to stay away from the disorder to a large extent. 

2. Cashless treatment

Corona Kavach insurance policy enables patients to get cashless treatments in various cities across India. At the same time, it is necessary to know the details of network hospitals that come under this policy. An insurance service provider will settle the bills of patients directly to a hospital subject to the terms and conditions. 

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3. Sum insured option 

Patients should prepare themselves financially when they need any medical emergency during the Coronavirus crisis. With Corona Kavach insurance, they can choose a policy with  a sum insured up to 5 lakhs.

4. Minimal waiting period 

The policy provides a waiting period of 15 days after issuing the same to patients. Hence, there is no need to wait for longer periods when patients want to claim the amounts in a quick turnaround time. 

5. Offers coverage for home treatment 

Corona Kavach insurance also offers coverage for home treatments under the supervision of a medical practitioner. A patient can opt for the same while buying a policy from an insurance company. At the same time, it is applicable only for a maximum of 14 days. 

6. Mediclaim coverage 

The policy offers Mediclaim coverage for Corona patients to get 0.5 % of the insured per day that is valid for 24 hours. 

7. Ayush coverage 

Corona Kavach provides coverage for Ayurveda and other treatments approved by the health ministry of India with no sub-limits. This, in turn, gives ways for paying bills for medicines and treatments to get peace of mind. 

8. Pre and post hospitalization 

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The policy covers medical expenses up to 15 days before hospitalization and 30 days for post-discharge by addressing the essential needs of patients. 

9. Tax benefits

Health insurance policyholders can get tax benefits after buying this policy that will help reduce expenses. 

Where to buy Corona Kavach insurance?

Those who want to buy the policy should choose a reputed company that caters to their needs when it comes to treatment services. They should read reviews of insurance companies online before purchasing a policy. Also, one can select the best company after comparing them with proper attention. 

It is wise to get quotes from multiple insurance providers to know more about the costs. This, in turn, paves the way to select a policy at an estimated budget. Care Insurance is a reputed company that offers Corona Kavach policy at affordable rates. On the other hand, it is imperative to read terms and conditions before buying a policy. Some things are not covered under the policy and patients should evaluate them while purchasing a policy from the company. Besides that, patients must know the eligibility criteria including the age limit which gives ways to get the best treatments in approved hospitals.   

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