What is the average cost of different cosmetic dentistry procedures? Find out here!

When looking to brighten your smile and fix your oral health that may have fallen by the wayside, you need to look at the different brightening procedures you can get at a dentist’s office. If you are interested in paying for cosmetic dental care to help with your overall smile and appearance, the first step is looking into the pricing of the various procedures.

Not all cosmetic dental work is the same – some procedures run tens of thousands of dollars, while others are slightly less expensive. The differences in the dental work depending on the extent of the care, the procedures used, and the dentist you choose.

One easy way you can find out what the prices are is by looking online or requesting consultations at your local dentist’s office. When you decide to go with any cosmetic dentistry procedures, there is a step-by-step process to follow to make sure you qualify as a potential candidate.

Average prices of cosmetic dentistry procedures – find out how much professional teeth whitening costs!

Before calculating the average prices, there are some factors to consider before paying for cosmetic dental work. Let’s see some tips that can factor into your decision about whether or not you should pay for a cosmetic dental procedure. 

  • Specific requirements from the dentist – do you just need teeth whitening, or do you need cavity or filling replacements? When looking at the prices for cosmetic dental work, you need to work with the dentist to understand your cosmetic concerns and any issues.
  • Foundation of your teeth – if your teeth are discolored, stained, and in bad oral health condition, you need to consider when scheduling teeth whitening appointments at your dentist. It can be costlier to help someone whose teeth or gums are already in bad shape. 
  • Cosmetic treatments – some dentists may recommend getting preliminary treatments before any teeth whitening work on your smile. 
  • Quality of materials used – high-quality products will cost more when it comes to dental care.
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The average price of cosmetic dental work

Here are some average prices that you may find when looking to get cosmetic dental work.

  • Initial examination $250-$350
  • Small digital X-rays of your mouth and teeth $20
  • Full mouth X-ray $120
  • Routine examination or check-up $100
  • Hygienist treatment $150
  • Gum treatments $500
  • Tooth-colored fillings $200
  • Extraction $200
  • Dentures $800
  • Crowns $1500
  • Bridge $1500
  • Composite veneers $600
  • Porcelain veneers $1500
  • Crowns $1500
  • Teeth whitening one arch $350
  • Teeth whitening both arches $450
  • Root canal treatments beginning at $600
  • Implant placement $1500
  • Orthodontic consultation $200
  • Lingual orthodontics $6000 and up


As you can see, paying for cosmetic dental work is not necessarily cheap but can be a great way to improve your smile and boost your confidence. When looking to get professional teeth whitening at a local dentist, you can expect to pay at least $350 for the process, while other more extensive cosmetic dental work can reach upwards of $1500 per tooth. 

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