What is the difference between SAFe and Scrum Master Certification?

The SMC certification will assist you to know that good scrum is as per the official scrum guide or SBOK guide from SCRUMstudy.

Basically SAFe attempts to resolve the issues of co-ordination of quite a few scrum teams. It has 3 stages, 

  1. A management at the executive level which passes on the available budgets to various value streams. 
  2. The value stream level itself which organization within a company that generate varied products or provide distinctive services.
  3. The level of the various teams that are part of the value stream. SAFe encourages more roles and practices t each level.

As the basis for any scrum master certification is the scrum guide, the basis of SAFe certification is their website and the training material they provide, as their purpose is to cover much more content than just plain scrum. The heart of SAFe is the well functioning of the multiple scrum teams. The the idea here is or the message it passes is, if you are not able to do good scrum don’t scale it. First and foremost thoroughly understand what good scrum means or is, before you move on to scale it.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is currently into PMP, CAPM and Scrum Master Certification Training and not conducting training for SAFe currently,   also scrum master certification online and classroom training is conducted.

The Scrum Master Certified Exam is a lightweight 100 multiple choice questions exam for 120 minutes after you take training from SCRUMstudy’s authorized training partner’s institute which has a certified trainer. SAFe certification exam is much more difficult to clear and the course content is also vast as its advanced level certification or you can say an expert level scrum related certification. although there are various certifications depending on which course you go for, there are about 70 questions and requires minimum 75% to clear the SAFe Certification exam. Generally the exams are taken online; 1 month after the training is over. Both certifications require that you take training from a licensed or authorized trainer or training institute. Whereas the Professional Scrum Master PSM1 from Homepage is a more difficult exam than Certified Scrum Master – CSM from Scrum Alliance exam 80 questions with 85% score to clear the certification exam, however its not mandatory to take the training course before you attempt the PSM1 exam. Although its ccrystal clear that without taking training clearing the exam is very difficult 

Please find below the key differences between SMC and SAFe certification. 

Scrum Master Certified

  • Its generally designed and structured for a single team.
  • There are primarily 3 roles in operation – Scrum Master, Product Owner and their Development Team
  • This certification course content generally fits into one framework for example Scrum, Kanban.
  • Ideally 4 ceremonies are part of it – daily scrum  stand-up meeting, deciding plan, review – work done so far and understand if we are on the right track, retrospect – analyzing what went wrong and how to correct it.
  • Mostly Self-organized, cross-functional teams which are co-located.
  • Can be considered as a foundation level certificate in comparison with the other more advanced certifications existing in the world market today from various certifying bodies.


  • Primarily considered for scaled product environment member teams, could be easily between 100 to 1000 no of team members, for larger or turnkey projects 
  • Roles covered in SAFe are beyond just Scrum Master, Product Owner roles, the roles even extend upto a program or portfolio management level.
  • SAFe ideally focuses and covers a combination of multiple frameworks and not just one since it is at an advanced level it covers what’s beyond a single framework.
  • SAFe covers ceremonies beyond the team and not just restrict itself to team level 
  • In SAFe the team can be located at multiple sites even at different time zones in other words it can be called as Centralized & de-centralized decision making and environment.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning  is a small institute but provides quality in scrum master certification training in Pune.  We do provide scrum master certification online and classroom training.

The broad and crisp explanation of it is SMC is a so to say basic certification that you have cleared the Scrum Master course successfully whereas SAFe certification covers higher level or scaled Scrum, a much more difficult subject to clear. SAFe certification means you understand the principles, practices and concepts necessary to implement a SAFe scaled Scrum methodology.

The other angle to it is, one can complete scrum master certified certification from SCRUMstudy first as a primary stepping stone into the scrum world and then think of going for SAFe certification to enhance oneself and learn advanced scrum topics and give the SAFe certification after preparing well for the exam. Though there are other advanced level scrum certifications from SCRUMstudy as well, to name a few is Scaled Scrum Master Certification or Expert Scrum Master Certification which can be considered as an equivalent certifications to SAFe and off course at a much lesser cost than SAFe and also to maintain the certification at a much lesser cost after its validity is getting over

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is completing nearly 6 successful years in this field of training and certification and conducts scrum master certification in Pune with classroom and scrum master certification online options.


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