What Is The Future Of Ev Charging Stations?

Every day, a large amount of CO2 is released from engines, which is considered the culprit of environmental destruction. Therefore, electric vehicles are a very practical and useful solution. 

They both serve the needs of human travel and protect the freshness of the atmosphere. And as a matter of fact, the high demand for electric vehicles leads to the service of electric charging stations. 

So, what is the future of EV charging stations? Let’s find out through the article below.

Feasibility Of Using The EV Charging Stations

For now, most countries are trying to minimize EV stations. For example, some places have set up a charging station in the area for 7 cars. As a result, motorists wish that this figure could be changed so that their commute would not be interrupted.

According to ACEA, in 2018, only 76% of all charging stations were located in four European countries. This is too little for electric cars in these places. Therefore, EV stations must be located at more points with thicker density to meet current demand.

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And to achieve this goal, EU members must make more efforts to improve infrastructure and get enough fuel to supply the country.

Because there are not enough EV chargers everywhere, the owner must actively search for a charging point with a map or support application every time the car is about to run out of power. This complicated process is time-consuming and sometimes stressful for owners. So, you can buy yourself a fast-charging station instead of waiting for help from the government. Click here to buy!

The Future Of Ev Charging Stations

According to a Ministry of Transport and the Environment (T&E) report in 2019, 1 EV charger in every 7 cars in Europe is sufficient. However, by 2020, the above quantity is not enough to satisfy the long term.

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Statistics show that 1.3 million public charging points must be added by 2025 and 3 million by 2030. Thus, in the coming time, the demand for UV stations is extremely large. The authorities must have a headache calculating and preparing the amount of energy needed to serve the public.

In the future, the toll booths will also increase and be located in favorable locations such as public parking or along highways. Besides, to make charging your electric car more convenient and easier, the charging points will be placed nearby. Popular locations can be parking lots, near-shop areas, and sports and entertainment facilities.

The New Technology Can Replace The EV Charging Stations

To reduce CO2 emissions, the development of EV stations will make it simple and easy for people to use electric vehicles. However, with the current population, fuel may not be enough to serve all.

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Researchers will constantly experiment to develop inventions that are smarter and more useful to humans. And many years later, scientists predict new technologies will gradually replace EV charging stations.

The first is wireless charging. This quite convenient solution will help to reduce the stress of charging your car. From 2020 to 2022, many large corporations have started testing wireless charging taxis in Nottingham.

Also, hydrogen fuel is a great initiative that can support electrical energy, not enough to meet demand.

Moreover, solar energy comes from nature and is an invaluable resource to protect the environment. It is also a potential solution to replace fast charging points.


As you can see with the number of electric cars in use today, the future of EV charging stations will be very feasible. However, electricity is not always enough to do that. Therefore, new sources of energy will be born and help solve problems.

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