What to look for in the next iPad Pro


As February brings us closer and closer to, well, March, it is time to put our heads once more in the rumor factories to see what is happening.

Often, March is the time Apple will make its first big announcements of the year, but they tend to be less cookie cutters than the WWDC or Apple's annual September party. In 2019, we had an event focused on the services presented by Apple Arcade, Apple Card, Apple News + and Apple TV +. The previous year, there was a 9.7-inch iPad at an event focused on education.

As March approaches, rumors have begun to unite around an Apple product line that seems ready for an update: the iPad Pro. It has already begun to speculate on what might be due to the high-end tablet from Apple. While the main iPad was updated last September, the most recent iPad Pro update was in October 2018, so it is ready for some new features. This is what could be in the store.

Camera unobscura

One of the biggest rumors surrounding a new iPad Pro has been the addition of more rear cameras. The current model features only a 12-megapixel camera on the back, useful, but quite spartan, if you consider the crowd in the latest Apple iPhone models.


It is rumored that the new iPad Pro will feature camera updates.

Given that, it is not terribly surprising that some rumors indicate that the iPad Pro is generating a camera shot that looks remarkably similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro. While that may not be excellent for those tryphobic customers who do not like the Lens aspect, is good news for those who use their iPad to take pictures, and yes, there are many. The addition of more cameras would eventually allow the use of computational photography features, including Deep Fusion, which would put the iPad Pro in line with the latest iPhones.

The addition of more cameras could also be potentially beneficial for the augmented reality features that Tim Cook and the company are fond of talking about, especially when it comes to the iPad. Some rumors have suggested that updated cameras could also include a 3D laser detection function, which could also help with AR capabilities.

However, more to the point, the addition of more cameras would also help ensure that the iPad Pro earns its nickname "Pro" when it comes to taking photos.

Not so boring

Could the iPad Pro have a new keyboard? Now that other cheaper iPad models have gained support for the smart keyboard, it is no longer a significant differentiator for the iPad Pro. Again, maybe something more "Pro" is needed.


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