What you Need to Know About Properties for Sale in Paphos

Whether you’re interested in Greek mythology or not, you might still find it interesting that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is said to have first touched land in Paphos. As she rose from the sea, Aphrodite allegedly chose Paphos, which says a lot about the area’s beauty. Imagine what you could find when you start searching for property for sale in Paphos?

What to Assess Before you Start Searching for property for sale in Paphos

Before you even begin to search property for sale in Paphos, it’s important to know a few things, as highlighted below: 

  • What are your goals? 
  • Do you have amenities you want access to? 
  • Have you considered your list of priorities? 


It might sound obvious, but if you don’t know why you’re searching for property for sale in Paphos, it might all quickly get overwhelming. Property developers in Paphos have large portfolios of a variety of beautiful properties. It will therefore be hard not to get lost in choice. Clearly, you won’t know exactly what you want, but having an idea of whether you’re looking to set up a business or simply invest in a second home will be a huge help to get you started. 

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It’s easy to fall in love with a property and then realize that it’s far from everything you love. After all, you’ve most probably chosen Paphos for ease of life, so don’t add inconvenience unknowingly. Ensure that any sporting activities you want are nearby or any other specific entertainment and needs such as healthcare. 


As it’s so easy to get lost in choice, make sure you know your budget and communicate it clearly to your property developer. Also, what kind of area are you looking for in Paphos? Do you want the vibrant town center or the slightly quieter suburbs? Furthermore, are you single, or are you a family that needs a big house? 


Things to Know about Cyprus before looking for property for sale in Paphos

Now that you’re ready to search property for sale in Paphos, here are a few things to bear in mind to help your process:

  • Fast Developing Areas 
  • Types of property
  • Financing and Total costs
  • Property developers 
  • Lawyers and mistakes to avoid 

Fast Developing Areas 

A few areas, such as Kato, are fast developing because of the waterfront’s attractiveness. On the other hand, Coral Bay is a little further out with its rustic charms. It’s worth exploring the whole town and surrounding area to get a feel for what might work for you. If you’re looking to invest, you might want to remember that many people choose to live in Paphos while working in Limassol. Therefore, get to know the commuter routes and how that impacts where people live and buy a property.

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Types of Properties 

Paphos offers all types of properties, from studio apartments to condos and houses. As you’d expect, the prices are different, and you might also need to consider paying property management fees. Whatever you’re looking for, though, you can be sure to find it. 

Financing and Total Costs 

As a foreigner, you’ll need to open a local bank account from where you’ll transfer to pay for your property. However, it’s important to remember all the other costs such as Land Registry fees and taxes and legal fees and commission to your property developer. This is normal for all countries, but just be clear and make your list at the start of the process to avoid surprises. 

Property Developers 

There are many property developers available but check that they’re licensed and registered. Although, you can easily find these numbers on their websites. In addition, you might want to look at their track record for your peace of mind. Either way, you should ensure that you feel comfortable talking to them about all your needs such that you can develop a relationship based on trust.

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Lawyers and Mistakes to Avoid 

Most property developers can guide you through the legal paperwork, but it’s still advisable to get a lawyer just to be on the safe side as a foreigner. Everything is pretty clear and straightforward in Cyprus, but there are certain things that you need to remember that a lawyer can help you with. For example, it’s crucial to check ownership of the property you’re considering buying. You can easily do this at the Land Registry, though. 

Once you’ve bought your property, you should also think about updating your will. Most EU countries have a law when it comes to inheritance with which you might disagree. Again though, a lawyer can help you work through this and help conduct your due diligence. 

Final Recommendations when Searching property for sale in Paphos

Searching for property for sale in Paphos is exciting. There are many reasons that someone might be looking to invest but either way, make sure you plan and know your goals and needs. Be open and clear about what you want with your property developer and then, enjoy the ride. And the sea! 

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