What you need to think carefully about regarding Web-based therapy

How easy technology has made our lives. Yes, within few clicks, we can get in touch with a doctor instantly. More so, as in the times of Covid 19, people are eyeing for online doctor or online consultations as it is far more convenient and hassle free. Yes, besides ensuring the safety, it doesn’t take literally half of the day to the hospitals unlike the traditional visits

The online consultation is referred as telepsychology as it makes the use of telecommunication tool for delivering the service. There are other names which it can be referred as well in terms of Web therapy, text therapy, phone therapy etc. 

Although, web based therapy has series of potential benefits, yet you need to be highly cautious before getting professional support. You need to know the following:-

  • Am I getting in touch with the right tool?
  • There hasn’t been any research which shows the extent of utility which the therapy online offers. Since, you never really know that the person who is sitting behind and working, actually poses qualification or not to provide therapy. 

Does the therapist has license?

When it comes to license, the professions of therapist and psychotherapists are not legally protected. It primarily means that anyone can stand up and claim to be a therapist while offering services. Hence, this factor makes it challenging for you to know whether you are really getting assistance from a license therapy holder. 

It is important that various health providers as well as psychologists should be licensed holders and they need to register the same from the state they are imparting their professional duties. The license gives a protection by safeguarding yourself that you are actually qualified and trained to carry forward the practice. You can’t afford to overlook or miss this important aspect where all you need to know is that you are actually connected with an experienced therapist who is going to change your life for better. 

Therefore, before getting in touch, ensure that you resort to the following situation:-

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If the therapist has a license, ask for the license number. Various states have a directory which prominently mentions the name of licensed practitioners. 

Does the psychologist have a license for the state that you live in?

Licenses are issued by each state, and a licensed therapist must be licensed in the state they practice in. It’s a similar circumstance related to having your driver’s license in the state that you live in. However, a licensed therapist can only operate in the state he/she is located in, and cannot cross borders. With virtual therapy, you can speak to a counselor that’s licensed in your state and you don’t have to worry about driving to their office. It’s convenient and depends upon your schedule more than traditional therapy does.

Does the site offer safety and security to my information?

Psychologists often tend to hear emotional and confidential stories as the clients expresses the detailed attributes considering the medical practitioner to be  God for them. So, you should find out whether the site or app you are referring is HIPAA-complaint and if the app is sufficient enough to verify the identity of yours including that of the client. 

What is the mode of payment to the service?

There are various insurance companies who often cover the treatment arising out of mental health and other related disorders. It also includes the cost of treatment incurred while initiating in-person psychotherapy. You can submit the bill which is provided to you by the insurance company for reimbursement. However, that is not the case with online therapy or web therapy.  So you need to be double sure by checking with your insurance company whether you are eligible for the same. 

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