WhatsApp features sending mute videos before sharing, for Android users

NewsDio Desk : WhatsApp has started with the feature where you can actually mute videos prior to sharing. Initially, this feature was rolled for beta users, however now it is available for all the users on Android.

Thanks to the entry of this editing tool, Android users have the convenience of muting audio on videos prior to sending them in chats or adding them in their status. It is only a matter of time where all the WhatsApp users will be able to get update on the same. However, it is to be seen as to when  iOS users are able to experience this feature on their handsets. 

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The announcement for the same was done through a tweet on February 27 regarding the muting videos which is becoming a feature on Android. As per the news coming out of WhatsApp, the feature is out of beta officially. In order to experience the feature, you have to be on the latest version for viewing the same. In order to know and understand whether you have received the feature, all you have to do is to send a video to any of your friends through chat or make efforts to upload a video to your Status. It seems that people will be quite excitedly waiting for the same as it derives a new way to address professional necessities along with connecting with friends. 

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Once, you have done the selection for sharing, in the edit page you can see the option of trimming the video along with adding captions, text etc. Below the video frames, you can witness a new speaker button which is placed on the top portion of app. It is by default that the video’s audio will be on. Users have the convenience where they can click on the speaker button but mute the video before they share. 

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In the event when you aren’t able to see the feature, there is a chance that in the coming days, you will see the same. Since, WhatsApp is going to slowly roll out the feature and different users can check the same by this week’s end. There is no official statement regarding the date when this feature will be a part of iPhone. 

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WhatsApp is also going to roll the feature of bringing multi-device support where you will be able to enable WhatsApp on various devices. The feature has been a part of beta various times. Considering the current update by WhatsApp for Android beta shows that the company is under a testing phase where it give impetus to the users to log out of a certain account on a linked device. This feature when out, will have greater degree of significance as here the user neither has to uninstall Whatsapp or delete their account for login out of an account. 

WhatsApp seems to be going big with its features. It is certainly a great news for users who want to have more friendly and convenient features where they can enjoy and derive benefits to a great extent.

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