When are the new episodes of & # 39; Love is Blind & # 39; on Netflix?


Love is blind – Image: Netflix

Looking for when new episodes of the new Netflix reality series Love is Blind arrive on Netflix? Here is a complete release schedule for season 1 of the matchmaker series.

For those who are not familiar, Love is Blind is a new reality series for Netflix that sees singles choosing their next relationship based on their personalities while talking in dark rooms.

Season 1 of Love is Blind has not been released once on Netflix and, instead, will follow the recent trend of new episodes released weekly. Netflix is ​​doubling Love is Blind, a "3-week event" that begins with episodes 1-5 arriving on February 13.

On February 13 (the day before Valentine's Day) Netflix released the first five episodes.

The first five episodes cover the introduction of the series, the first dates and, of course, conclude with the vacations in Mexico.

Episodes 6-9 of Love is Blind arrive on February 20

The next "batch" of episodes will come out exactly in a week of episodes 1-5. The next stage will see our crossed lovers facing numerous things with the culmination of the great weddings.

Episode 6 will see lovers return home and move together.

Episode 7 will see the meeting of the respective parents of each couple.

Episode 8 sees couples make their vows in preparation for the big wedding.

Episode 9 covers the parties of singles.

Episode 10 of Love is Blind arrives on February 27

Episode 10 will conclude the first season with the big weddings. Once again, it lands on a Thursday according to previous falls. It is not clear if it will be an extended episode so far, but since it is falling by itself, it is not out of the question.

According to all Netflix's original releases, they drop at 12:01 PST, 3: 01EST and 8:01 GMT.

What to watch in the meantime

Need something else to watch while you wait? Netflix has added many dating reality series that include highlights such as Dating Around (which was renewed for season 2), What the Love! and our favorite reality series, Tokyo House.

While waiting for new episodes, our RealityTitBit friends have been searching for information on the series' themes since filming. This includes the fact that the hosts are a couple and take a look at what happened to Lauren and Cameron after the cameras stopped working.


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