When Is The Paw Patrol Movie Coming Out?: Release Date, Cast And Storyline

pow patrol movie
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It’s paw patrol movie time! The paw patrol is back in a big way with their first-ever animated paw patrol movie. But when will the paw patrol movie be released? We’ve got everything you need to know, including cast and plot details. Read on for more information now!

Release date:

20 August 2021

Cast and characters:

– Chase: The leader of the paw patrol

– Marshall: Chase’s best friend, also a police pup

– Skye: A helicopter pilot who loves adventure and has a knack for getting into trouble

– Rubble: The youngest member of paw patrol. He might be small but he can still get tough!

– Rocky: Loves to invent things and build things

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– Zuma: Loves speed, adventure, water rescue missions

– Everest: Lives in the North Pole; loves to explore the world. He is a polar bear who can walk on two legs!

Voiced by:

– Marshall (voiced by Lilliana Applegate)

– Rocky (voiced by Bill Fagerbakke)

– Skye (voiced by Cree Summer)

– Chase (voiced by Mark Hamill)

– Zuma (voiced by Tom Kenny)

Plot Summary:

The paw patrol is used to solving problems after their day of work but soon finds themselves outmatched with a new paw patrol pup named Ryder. The pups are called upon to use their unique skills and rescue Ryder from the jungle where he’s trapped in his own home with bad guys everywhere.

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The paw patrol is back in a big way with their first paw patrol movie. When the pups are called to action, it’s up to Ryder and his pack of six brave dogs.

Plot: paw patrol movie release date paw patrol, Marshall and Ryder the new pup will be among those who respond when Mayor Humdinger calls for help with his plan to steal all of Adventure Bay’s snow.

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The paw patrol is a team of six rescue pups-Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma and Everest. They protect the fictional town from danger under the leadership of Mayor Goodway. To do this they go on daring missions to save her people! Their unofficial leader is Chase who also loves to surf. He has an older sister named Rubble. And, he is the only pup who doesn’t wear a uniform (he wears his baseball uniform instead).

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What is Paw Patrol?

Paw Patrol is the official TV show of Nickelodeon. Chase and Marshall are two police pups who help other animals with their problems in Adventure Bay.

Chase is paw patrol member number one. He has an older sister named Rubble and he wears his baseball uniform instead of a paw patrol outfit. Paw Patrol is the official TV show on Nickelodeon where Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, and Everest help animals in Adventure Bay with their problems.

In this paw patrol movie, Ryder will be searching for paw patrol members and bringing them back to Adventure Bay.

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