Where are disposable shoe covers a must-wear item?

Shoe Cover

As the last year and a half has shown, personal protective equipment (PPE) is incredibly important. We’ve all done our bit to mask up, and have all seen photographs of key workers in overalls and hair covers, and shoe covers, but as lockdowns ease ever further, should this final item see greater use? 

Disposable coverings worn over shoes to protect flooring from dirt and damage, shoe covers can be a great choice across a whole range of industries where cleanliness is an imperative. Here are some lines of work where we think they could really catch on.

Estate agency

When showing potential buyers or tenants around homes, the indoor areas of the property are at risk of becoming worn or dirty. To stop shoes from muddying carpets and giving otherwise-shiny floors a dull and unappealing look, shoe covers are a must-have. Make sure to have some spare whenever showing viewers, and if they are clean after being used, feel free to utilize them a few times too. 


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From wards to operating rooms, hospitals and other medical facilities are prime location for disposable shoe cover usage. 

Research in 2020 found that the use of shoe covers was important when there was a risk of splashing from infected fluids. That’s because they ensure that no biohazardous materials are taken from unclean areas into those that must be free from contaminants, and vice versa, as is the case with operating rooms and areas housing patients sick with infectious diseases.


In messy trades such as painting and decorating, building, and plumbing, using shoe covers is key when working indoors. 

To use them properly, make sure that you leave packs by the exits of the rooms where trades are operating, and where floors will typically be covered. Ensure that tradespeople wear them when elsewhere in the home and remove them when entering dirtier areas so the protectors themselves don’t get covered in paints, mortar, and dust.

Food production

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Food factories must maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness. Without them, consumers can fall ill due to contaminants, or injure themselves from items that fall within the foods themselves. 

As a result, the manufacturer can be open to potentially expensive legal action, as well as a strong reputational hit. To stop this from happening, shoe covers should be a part of any uniform for food industry workers, as well as any visitors to food production facilities.

Keeping areas and products uncontaminated is a must in many of today’s industries and lines of work – and disposable shoe coverings are one great way of keeping ourselves, customers, and property safe from harm. Do you use shoe coverings in your job or home? Let us know how below.

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